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6th Graders Enjoy First Community Building Day

from The Casey Weekly, 10-13-11
by Elizabeth P., Hailey K., and Isabella D.

A few weeks ago, the sixth grade students got the day off from class to do some community building activities, which mostly took place on the Casey field. Along with the help of the 360 Leaders, the sixth grade students had the opportunity to participate in team building games to strengthen their community bonds and prepare them for challenges to come in middle school.

"We chose activities to cover everything from team building to GRRR, and showed them what we are all about here at Casey," said Ms. Esler, the sixth grade science teacher.

"It got off to a good start; looking forward to more," added Mr. Lurie, who teaches world geography.

The teachers weren't the only ones who enjoyed it.

"We learned about friendship and we played a lot of games," said a sixth grader.

Grace S., a sixth grader, stated, "It was really fun. I wish we could do it again."

On the contrary, some sixth graders said that they did not enjoy the day. Some mentioned that it was slightly repetitive, and that adults just kept saying the same messages.

Afterwards, participants got to drum together in the auditorium with brightly colored sticks. The activity was intended to let the sixth graders practice teamwork.