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The 15 Casey 8th graders pictured here presented their EcoPortraits of Boulder at the International YouthCan Conference in NYC in April. This is the fifth Casey presentation at the conference in 11 years, and as with past conference presentations, all participating students had to take initiative and work hard to be a part of the presentation team.  All 8th graders were invited to participate in the expeditions, but it was these students  who volunteered to spend five Saturdays exploring Boulder through the EcoPortrait lens: Allison Bell, Celeste Bradford, Shannon Bull, Nina Gustafson, Karla Guerrero, Rain Hitchcock, Raven Jayne, Cassidy Lam, Ella Lurie, Maya Mondragon, Vanessa Montoya, Taylor Moreno, Elise Morgan, Elsy Segovia, and Jesus Salazar. Teachers Val Wheeler, Molly Hoverstock, Ian Schwartz, and Joyce Pierpont volunteered their Saturdays to guide and support the students, and were honored by BVSD Superintendent Chris King and members of the Board of Education for their efforts in May. But without the financial support of the Casey PTA, Whole Foods, the WISE Foundation, parents, and local businesses and churches, this amazing experience would not have been possible.