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Welcome to Casey Middle School's Library Page

Summer Reading at Boulder Public Library
Good Reads: Read anything good lately?

Here are more book sharing sites: Shelfari aNobii BookJetty


"NASA Johnson Style" (Created by NASA) "NASA and We Know It" (Independent)


Follow the Curiosity Rover        "Bohemian Gravity" (Amazing!)

"Let it Go" Frozen movie theme by Idina Menzel, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots

(playing elementary classroom music instruments)

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Do We? Or how to find a book about cars (key word search), snakes (title search), or immigration (subject search).


 6th Grade Library Skills

How to Research Game



Noodle Tools Tutorial: How to cite sources


Noodle Tools Tutorial: Notecards


 Boulder Public Library

    Project/Research links



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8th Grade Promotion Movies


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