Centennial Middle School

Boulder, Colorado
School Information

Centennial Middle School is the neighborhood school that proudly offers an accomplished instructional program, an exceptional staff, and personalized attention for our students. We hold all students accountable to high academic expectations and a rigorous curriculum. The fundamental goals that drive our curriculum are:

  • Mastery of basic skills, i.e. reading, writing and, mathematics
  • Command of problem solving skills that underline success in the academic and real world
  • Development of good study habits; exploration of different courses and activities
  • Understanding one’s self and one’s relationship to others.

Components of the school include a strong emphasis on maintaining small class size and teaming of students. Centennial offers opportunity for accelerated learning in honors Language Arts, Mathematics,  World Language and so mutch more! Talented and Gifted, ESL, At-Risk, and Academic Support services are available. Teachers and counselors meet weekly to have "kid talks" to discuss students academic and behavioral concerns. Parents are welcome in addition to these talks. A "No Place for Hate" program was instituted in the fall of 2009. Peer Mediation and conflict mediation services with school counselors are available. 360 Leadership is a trained group of eighth graders who aid sixth graders to get used to the school. We also provide an array of extra curricular activities over and above the district offerings.

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  • Centennial Middle School

  • 2205 Norwood Ave
    Boulder, Co 80304

  • Main Office: 720-561-5441
    Attendance: 720-561-2019
    Fax: 720-561-2090

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