Welcome to the Arts at Columbine! 

Art Links

Try these incredible art links for some good, creative fun!

Mark Kistler's Imagination Station

An incredibly fun and popular learn to draw in 3-D website!


Make your art come to life. Artpad is an awesome place to paint on your computer instead of on paper!

Wacky Kids

Wacky kids is a website from the Denver Art Museum. It has creative art projects and it features a variety of printout activities for kids.  The "WAC" in wacky stands for World Art and Cultures, and it is the place for kids to explore art from around the world.

Chunky Monkey Drawing Lessons

A fun ‘how to draw’ website where artist learn to draw animals, plants and insects of the rain forest.

Crayola Kids

Crayola Kids has as a lot of written instructions, but many fun activities that are user-friendly.

Kids Art Worldwide Art Gallery

Students can see art from student artists around the world. This site invites all children to submit their art for display. Poetry and short stories are also accepted.

Switcheroo Zoo

Students can create art by switching the animals' heads, legs, and tails to make new creatures at this surrealistic virtual zoo. Creativity is endless here and new animals are posted monthly. 

Jackson Pollock

A fun and easy website that lets you click and drag the mouse to splash paint on your computer screen. Click mouse to change colors and splash paint. 

My Imaginary City

This is from the Tate Gallery in England. Here at Tate Kids, artists can choose a background and select buildings and scenery to create a city.