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Columbine Preschool Team: Top: Claudia Flores, Lori Retta, Bottom: Ana Lilia Martinez, Laurie Rhoads, Olivia Foulkrod, Chris Halteman, Luisa Diaz

Columbine Preschool Program Philosophy
The preschool program at Columbine Elementary School is based on the bilingual model 90/10, in which 90% of the curriculum instruction is in the dominant language of the classroom (English in Olivia’s room, Spanish in Luisa’s room) and the remaining 10% is in the second language.
In the English-dominant classroom, instruction and introduction of new concepts will be in English. The children will be exposed to Spanish through songs, center choice activities, and special activities approximately 10% of the time, in a way that enriches their language development and supports their enthusiasm and motivation to learn new things. Of course they will also be exposed to Spanish through their Spanish-speaking friends in preschool.
Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Your Preschool Team
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Luisa Diaz
Room #162

Olivia Foulkrod
Room #163 Bilingual Special Education; endorsements in English as a Second Language (ESL and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

This year marks Olivia’s 10th year of teaching, with six of those years in the classroom and the last three in Special Education. She has a Master's degree in Bilingual Special Education with an added endorsement in ESL, and now Early childhood special education. She speaks Spanish fluently, though she is not a native speaker. She has two children: one is in kindergarten at Columbine and the other is a toddler; Olivia took the last year off to stay home with the little guy. Most of Olivia’s classroom experience is either in kindergarten or 1st grade, including teaching 1st grade for two years in Quito, Ecuador.


 Para Educators


Chris Halteman
Education and Certification: B.S. Art Education, ECE Director Qualified

Chris started working with young children as a part time assistant teacher when she was getting her undergraduate degree in 1973. She graduated with a degree in Art Education from Northern Illinois University and later moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. She worked as a fulltime preschool teacher for 4 years and as an art teacher for one year before moving to Boulder and getting married. In Boulder she taught preschool in several different programs and took the necessary classes to become Director Qualified in Early Childhood Development. She and her husband adopted two children and she was lucky enough to stay home with them while they were young. Now that they are teenagers she is “happy to be back working with fresh young faces” and she enjoys “the challenge of helping children begin to learn what school is all about, and making that a successful experience.”

Lori Retta

After college, Lori worked in the IT world as a database programmer and web designer, but instantly fell in love with Early Childhood Education while volunteering with BVSD’s Teen Parenting Program, which provides developmentally appropriate care, education, and services for children three weeks to three years of age, and parenting skills and education to the young parents. When a teaching position became available, Lori happily changed careers. She started taking early childhood classes in the evenings and earned Early Childhood Educator and Infant Nursery Supervisor qualifications. After five-and-a-half years with the program, Lori transferred to Columbine to work with the three to five-year-old age group. She is continuing her education and slowly working her way toward a master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education.  She currently has a B.S. in Information Systems.

In her life outside of school, Lori is married and has a 22-year-old son in college. She loves spending time with her large, extended family, and also enjoys reading, cooking, swimming, and romping around with her three dogs.

Ana Lilia Martinez
Claudia Flores


 Community Liaison


Laurie Rhoads
M.Ed. in Elementary Education; endorsements in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Spanish

Laurie has four years of teaching experience, primarily in bilingual kindergarten and preschool, most recently at YWCA Children’s Alley. She moved to Boulder seven years ago from Hershey, Pennsylvania as an AmeriCorps volunteer and got her Master’s and teacher licensure at Regis University. She has also worked with children in Mexico and Thailand. Laurie is happy to be joining the staff at Columbine Elementary this year and is excited to work with children, their families, and the preschool team as the Early Childhood Community Liaison. She invites families to contact her with any and all questions, concerns, and/or ideas about family engagement and involvement in the school!















 Other Team Members

Speech Therapist: Tara Neuman and Danielle Kemp
Occupational Therapists: Zoe Brooker and Deb Crowell
Special Education Teacher: Patti Magor

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​Preschool Hours
AM Session 8:15 - 11:15 AM
PM Session 12:00 - 3:00 PM


Columbine Elementary School
3130 Repplier Drive, Boulder, CO  80304
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