Third Grade Teachers and Staff


Carole Suderman

I have been at Columbine since 2002, and I've taught grades 3, 4, and 5 here. I teach because I love the children! I believe we are all a respectful community, learning from each other. I have lived in Boulder for over 20 years, and I love to go hiking in the mountains. I also like gardening, reading, and learning more Spanish by conversing with my Spanish-speaking friends. I do my best to take care of the earth and to make it a more peaceful place!

Melannie Pappageorge

Melanie Pappageorge grew up in Connecticut and received a B.A. from the University of Vermont in 1990. Inspired by the beauty of the West, and her love for skiing she moved to Colorado in 1992. Ms. Pappageorge was accepted into University of Colorado's School of Education, and received her M.A. in Elementary Education in 1994. Her focus of study during this program was English as a Second Language. Melanie taught fifth grade in Westminster, Colorado for six years before teaching at Columbine. This is her seventh year at Columbine and she is part of the 4/5 looping team. When Melanie is not teaching, she loves to go hiking with her Chocolate Lab, Maddie. Also, she is learning how to surf and finds happiness listening to all kinds of music. Traveling and photography are two hobbies that top Melanie's list of fun things to do. Her family lives on Nantucket Island, so every summer she drives back to Massachusetts to spend time with them. Melanie's dad was a teacher, too,for 35 years, and he was her inspiration for becoming an educator.

Karla Vasquez

Tamara Sotillo

Tamara has been a bilingual teacher for 19 years and is currently serving on the board of the Colorado Association of Bilingual Education. She was awarded the Bilingual Teacher of the Year in Colorado in 2004. She came to Columbine in 2005 as their literacy coach and she is loving working at here. She has worked as a fourth grade bilingual teacher and a bilingual literacy teacher in Boulder Valley since 1988. She also enjoys music, dance and the outdoors.

Tamara ha enseñado en programas bilingües por 19 años y fue elegido "Maestro del Año" en 2004 por la Asociación de Educación Bilingüe de Colorado (CABE). Ella está actualmente trabajando en la mesa directiva de CABE. Vino a trabajar en Columbine en 2005 como capacitadora de maestros en la lectoescritura y le gusta mucho la escuela. Ha estado trabajando como maestra de cuarto grado y de la lectoescritura en el distrito del Valle de Boulder desde 1988. Cuando no está en la escuela, le gusta la música, el baile y la naturaleza.

Vera Moreno-Hamm




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