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Transitioning to MHS

Monarch offers several programs to help incoming freshman transition into high school.

MHS 360

MHS 360 are junior and senior student leaders who are chosen to mentor the incoming freshman. Placed in groups of 10-15 students per two MHS 360 leaders, these upper classmen not only welcome freshmen on orientation day, but they also team-teach with Freshman Seminar teachers throughout the year covering curriculum on various topics ranging from diversity, community service, to teen challenges and choices.

Freshman Seminar

The purpose of the Freshman Seminar program is to help freshmen build relationships within the Monarch community and develop a base of success for the duration of their high school experience. Freshman seminar is a required class for all 9th grade students held once a week. MHS 360 leaders attend the class, as well, in support of their freshman team members.

The goals of Freshman Seminar include:

  1. Encouraging freshmen to become involved in events within the school, the community and possibly the world.
    • Seminar teachers and Pack Leaders will provide insight and help for freshmen in regards to the Monarch Community.
    • Pack Leaders will help to promote weekly activities and social involvement.
    • Freshman Seminar groups will participate in a school or community service project.
  2. Helping students will build academic connections.
    • Tutor time will be utilized as an opportunity to connect with their teachers.
    • Students will report improved teacher-student relationships as reflected in the school climate survey.
  3. Students will develop cultural proficiency and resiliency.
    • Survival tips for high school.
    • Peer mentors will be provided to offer insight and help.
    • Cultivate an environment in which oppression, bullying and harassment are reduced.

Sports Training

Another opportunity for incoming freshman to get plugged into the Monarch experience is through summer sports camps and training. All fall sports participants are encouraged (though not required) to attend summer training and conditioning sessions. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other Monarch students and staff! For more information about summer conditioning programs, please contact the athletic office at (720) 561-5641.