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Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Hands-on curriculum  |  Award-winning robotics team |  CU Succeed credits available  |  Professional level certification available



A college-preparatory program for post-secondary opportunities in computer science or a design career including engineering.

Student Experience
Engineering and Design is a challenging program accessible to all students. Students experience the engineering design process from concept to fabrication.

The Computer Science curriculum offers a range of classes from introductory to advanced C++. We have many opportunities to apply programming in the real-world situtations.

Faculty and Resource Highlights
Technology Teacher:
Da Vinci Lab – high tech engineering laboratory
- Extensive wood/metal fabrication facility
- Certified Mechanical Drafter
- Certified Solidworks Associate

Computer Science Teacher:
Computer Science Lab
- Modeling, Animation, Gaming Software
- Extensive experience as software engineer
- Oracle Database Certifications
- CTE Computer Science/STEM Certifications

2 teachers


 Good News


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Students earn prestigious internships at major agencies including NOAA, NCAR, LASP and NASA (Johnson Space Center, Houston)

Recent graduates pursue degrees at major US universities including MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Colorado

Monarch’s FIRST Robotics team (a.k.a. Shazbots) regularly receives recognition and
awards at Colorado Regional robotics competition

Monarch's Computer Science Students have received National and State Recognition in our CTSO, TSA, as well as FBLA Programming and IT events.

Computer Science Happenings:


Taylor Andrews- NCWIT National Award Winner for 2013


Matt Nehring: 2013-14, TSA State Vice President,  2012-13, TSA State Reporter

Danny Wright, Dragos, Ioravoi, Matt Nehring - 2013 State TSA Champions in TSA Software Development

Wislinsky and Choi- 1st place State 2012 Biotechnology Design
RJ Barrett- 2nd place State 2012 Biotechnology Design 


Danny Wright- 2nd place State 2012 Web Design


Matt Nehring - National Award 2011 - CyberSecurity, FBLA





Name (click to go to teacher's Website)


   David Clark, Engineering & Design 720-561-4274
Sue Johnson, Computer Science/IT/STEM 720-561-4267



 Course list

   Core Curriculum

Advanced Courses

AP & CU Succeed


Application System Analysis
& Design I

Advanced C++ AP Java Computer Science  

Application System Analysis
& Design II

C++ Programming  

Internet/Web Page Design

Web Design

Architectural DesignDesign Technology

Design Technology II




Industrial Design/CAD II






FIRST Robotics
Advisor: David Clark


STEMComputer Science/IT

TSA   (Technology Students Association)


Sue Johnson (CS/IT/STEM),

Kristin Donley (STEM/Science)



   Course Details
    "FIRST Robotics - Varsity Sport for the Mind”