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Language Arts

Language Arts Department

Highly trained teachers  |  Award-winning yearbook, forensics, and drama programs  |  College preparatory skills as part of the curriculum  |  Wide range and variety of offerings







Dedicated to fostering excellence in reading, writing, thinking and speaking.

Student Experience

Our specific linguistic and literary goals are to read widely and critically; to think creatively and analytically; to write clearly and perceptively; to speak eloquently and thoughtfully; and to achieve competence in grammar and Standard English usage. Underlying the Department’s mission is the desire to instill a lifelong love of literature and the ability to express ideas clearly and effectively.

Faculty and Resource Highlights
- 14 teachers
- 3 nationally certified or recognized teachers
- 3 certified CU Succeed professors
- Received funding and technology from 5 grants in the last 6 years




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Drama, publication and competitive forensics programs have won numerous state and national awards.

Advanced and AP courses are open to all students.

Two courses qualify for CU Denver credit through CU Succeed.

Recent graduates are pursuing careers in education, journalism and film and theatrical arts.





Name  (click to go to teacher's Website) Telephone            E-mail
  Mystayn Barnes 720-561-4310  
Alison Boone ​720-561-
Joyce Beaumont ​720-561-
Taryn Cawlfield 720-561-4248
Jane Felknor 720-561-4227
Vickie Howard, Forensics 720-561-4232
Bonnie Katzive, Newspaper and Yearbook
Michael Kugler 720-561-4224
Gwendolyn Lukas-Doctor, Drama Dept. 720-561-4221
Kate Lunz 720-561-4225
Mary Prassa 720-561-4228



 Course List




Core Curriculum

Advanced Courses



Freshman Lang. Arts

Adv. Freshman L.A.

Beginning Journalism

World Lit. & Comp.

Adv. World Lit. & Comp.

Advanced Journalism

American Lit. & Comp.





Public Speaking

Alt. Language Arts

AP and CU Succeed

Intro. to Theater

Eng. as 2nd Lang.

AP Lang. & Comp.

Acting 1 and 2


AP Lit. & Comp.




Creative Writing



Science Fiction






Film and Video Production



Film Literature



Philosophy Through Literature and Film



Senior Literature, Comp., & Comm.



Reader’s Workshop


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     "The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

– Muriel Rukeyser