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Social Studies

The Social Sciences Department

AP classes offered at all grade levels 9-12 |  Updated and contemporized curriculum | New textbooks in core content areas for 2010-2011 | Standards-based grading




Explaining how the world we live in came to be and why it works the way it does.

Student Experience
The Social Studies Department welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and a variety of life experiences, challenging every individual to become more aware of the world around them.  Each student is held to a high standard and is expected to push the limits of their abilities.  Students have repeatedly praised Social Studies teachers, often labeling individual department members as “the best teacher I have ever had.”

Faculty and Resource Highlights
- 10 teachers
- 100% of faculty have, or are working toward graduate degrees
- Department’s Deann Bucher coordinated revision of BVSD curriculum
- Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Japanese Exchange Program, GSA, and trips to Europe
- Faculty includes several pop-culture trivia geniuses


 Good News


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AP United States History pass rate of 85%, compared with a national average of 53%.

AP Human Geography qualifies for CU Denver credit through CU Succeed.

Students have repeatedly demonstrated high levels of achievement and growth on BVSD Social Studies common assessments.



  Name  (click to go to teacher's Website) Telephone E-mail  
  Justin Abbott 720-561-4279  
  Dan Borus 720-561-5658  
  Deann Bucher 720-561-6025  
  Andrew Buhse 720-561-4244  
  Matt DiCarlo 720-561-4246  
  David Farrell 720-561-4247  
Keith Mainland 720-561-4249

Kristin Kerr Gannon

James Kelpy ​720-561-4229

 Course List

  Core Curriculum Electives AP Courses
   United States Government Anthropology AP European History
  United States History Current World Affairs AP Government and Politics
  World Geography Diversity AP Human Geography
  World History Economics

AP United States History

    Psychology AP World History

    Course Details
   "Every class we’ve taken in Social Studies has been awesome! We always learned a ton of stuff and had a great time while doing it.”

– AP European History Student 2010-2011