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PE and Health

 PE and Health

  24 athletic teams | More than 50% participation in sports | Top-performing 5A and 4A teams | Club teams  and student-led sports






Physical education and champion teams with room for everyone

Student Experience
Monarch has a history of developing athletes with a strong sense of sportsmanship, perseverance and integrity. More than 50% of students play at least one sport. Whether you’re a star of one of our champion teams or just out to do your best, you’ll feel welcome, respected, and supported.

Faculty and Resource Highlights
- 4 teachers
- 2 gyms
- Lighted football field
- 8-lane artificial surface track
- 4 tennis courts on campus
- 3 baseball diamonds



 Good News


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Gail Hook just returned from coaching a girls national  basketball team



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Phil Bravo 720-561-4357
Troy Tewalt 720-561-
Carmen Rivas 720-561-4354
Gail Hook 720-561-4360









Comp. Physical Education

Team Sports
Weight Training 1



Flag Football

Weight Training 2



Racket Sports

Aerobic Walking



Basketball 1




Basketball 2



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