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World Languages

World Languages Department

Creative and multi-cultural teachers | AP classes in French, German, and Spanish | Spanish Honor Society | Use of advanced technology | Clubs in the target languages | Travel opportunities





Educating 21st Century graduates who are multilingual and culturally aware

Student Experience
The Monarch World Language Department is filled with highly qualified and diverse teachers who are passionate about teaching language and culture.  Students are encouraged to speak the target languages both in and outside of the classroom.  Students also have the opportunity to showcase their language skills in both state and nationwide competitions.

Faculty and Resource Highlights
- 8 teachers
- 10 languages spoken
- 88% of teachers have a Master’s Degree
- Use of technology such as iPods and mp3 recording in classes
- World Language Day every spring



 Good News


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Students have an AP test pass rate more than 10 points above the national average, and all languages, including ASL, prepare students for the opportunity to test out of language requirements in college.

A former student is working as an interpreter for a U.S.Senator.

French videos win multi-state competitions annually.

German students have won the National German Exam and CCFLT video awards.

Students are winners every year at the UNC World Language Day competitions.

Opportunity to participate in an exchange program German American Partnership Program(GAPP).

Opportunity to participate in the annual Immersion Weekend in EstesPark.

























Name (click to go to teacher's Website)


Melissa Duplechin 720-561-4218

Lisa Barbato 720-561-4295
Redouan Bouchta 720-561-4215
Alice Davidoff 720-561-4216
Steven Dicesare e-mail only
Jenifer Farrell 720-561-4358
Marcela Rivera 720-561-4220
Jane Rivette 720-561-4222
Emily Stanley 720-561-4242

 Course List




Advanced Courses

AP Courses

American Sign Language I, II, III

French IV

AP French V

French I, II, III

Spanish IV

AP Spanish V

German I, II, III

Spanish Conversation & Composition

AP German V

Spanish I, II, III

German IV


Arabic I


Course Details