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158 WASHINGTONA Hand to Guide Me
158.1 CANFIELDChicken Soup for the Soul Series
158.1 WANNSimple Prosperity
200 BROWNChristianity
200 GELLMANHow do you Spell God?
200 ROOSEThe Unlikely Disciple: a Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University
200 SNYDERTeens, Religion and Values
201.5 IDLIBYThe Faith Club: a Muslim, Christian and a Jew
211 ARMSTRONGThe Case for God
211.8 DAWKINSThe God Delusion
212.1 STROBELThe Case for a Creator
220 JACOBSThe Year of Living Biblically
222.1 TORAHThe Torah: the Five Books of Moses
232.9 JESUSJesus and Lau Tzu: The Parallel sayings with Commentaries
232.9 STROBELThe Case for Faith: a Journalist Investigates
236 RUSSELLA History of Heaven: a Singing Silence
915.604 FEILERWalking the Bible: a Journey by Land
BIO  McCartney, BillSold Out: Becoming Man Enough to make a Difference