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(Z) Jailbait Zombie
(V) Blood Song
Halo; Hades (A)
The Summoning
(V)The Den of Shadows Quartet: In the Forests of the Night; Demon in My View; Shattered Mirror; Midnight Predator
(Z) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
(Z) Zombies vs Unicorns
(W)The Frenzy
(M) Vanished-1&2, 3&4
(V)The Morganville Vampires series
(MFWG) The Lost Gate
Soulless; Blameless; Changeless
The Ascension: a Super Human Clash
(V) House of Night series
(W) Jane-Emily
The Gates
The Foundling's Tale: Bk 1
(W) Nightshade
The Passage
(V) Vampires, a Field Guide
(M) Mistwood
Candle Man
(W) Never Cry Werewolf
(V) Bloody Valentine: a Blue Bloods Book
(P) The Body Finder
(W)The Lost Saint: a Dark Devine Novel
(M)Magic Under Glass
Jekel loves Hyde; (V)Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
(W)Sorcerer of Sainte Felice
(A) Hush, Hush Series; Crescendo
(F) Reckless
Beautiful Creatures; Beautiful Darkness
Gone (1-3): Gone; Hunger; Lies
Afterlife: an Evernight Novel
(V)Look for me by Moonlight
(F) Swallowing Darkness
(MW) A Discover of Witches: All Souls Trilogy Bk 1
(M) Guardian of the Dead
(Z)Battle of the Network Zombies; Road Trip of the Living Dead; Happy Hour of the Damned; Road Trip of the Living Dead
Switched: The Trylle Trilogy Bk. 1
(v) Crusade
Series: Need; Captive; Entice (M); After Obsession (M)
Hexwood; Howl's Moving Castle; Castle in the Air
(F) Iron Daughter
(A) Fallen
(M)The Wish
(F) Tempestuous
(F) Wonderous Strange; Darklight
(Z) Rot & Ruin
(M) Hourglass Door (bk 1-2)
(W)Hold me Closer, Necromancer
(M) The Fire Opal
Cryer's Cross
(V) Last Sacrifice: Vampire Academy series
Bloodline, Bk. 1
(M) Darkfever; Bloodfever; Dreamfever; Elantris
The Immortals
(V) Thirst (1 & 2)
Lost Voices (trilogy)
(M)The Discworld Series
(V)The Dead Travel Fast
(V) Vampire High
Poltergeist: a Greywalker Novel
(M)The Prince of Mist
(Z) Undead
(W) Once in a Full Moon
The Secrets of the Immoral Nicholas Flamel (#1-5)
(MW) Betrayal
(V)Unraveled; Intertwined
(M) Everwild: Skinjacker Trilogy
(v) Vampire Diaries: the Hunter (bk1); The Forbidden Game
(G)The Other Side of Dark
(V)Daughter of Darkness
(F) Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie
The Bartimaeus Trilogy
The Nine Lives of Chloe King
(v) The Strain Trilogy (bk1)
(A) Angelology
(W) Voices of Dragons, (M)Discord's Apple
(M) Midnighters (bk1-3)
(M) The Thirteenth Child