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Welcome to The Forum!

The purpose of The Forum (Monarch's learning center) is to provide not only the space, but the resources students need in order to thrive academically.  To support their academic needs, students will not only have access to computers, classroom texts, and reference books; but also the expertise of teachers, National Honor Society students, and parent and community members.  The Forum is designed to give students a comfortable and inviting place to edit a paper, decipher a question, work through a math problem or writing prompt, get help navigating the internet while researching, etc.  Here, students can work on their own, with a friend, their own teacher, or another adult to find the understanding they need to support their own success in high school.  While students have access to resources, they can also take care of business… In The Forum, they can make up a quiz or test or even catch up after an absence.  We are very excited about this new addition to Monarch and our ability to provide for all kids.



Staff - check for when you're scheduled.
Students - check for when a teacher you want to see will be in the Forum.
The Forum is open every school day 1st through 7th periods including tutor time and lunch times.
During Finals week, the Forum will be open 7:30a to 3pm Monday through Wednesday and 7:30a to 2pm on Thursday.  The Forum will not be open Friday.


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