Welcome to the 4th Grade


 Meet the Fourth Grade Teachers

Susie McWilliams
I got my undergraduate degre from Lehigh University and my Masters from the U of Delaware. I love seeing kids beam when they understand/learn something. I am married with three children(David, Kelly,and Briseyda). I love the outdoors. I am an exercise enthusiast.
Contact Susie at Susie.McWilliams@bvsd.org or at ext.7311.
Kristopher DeCola
I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Sociology. I did my licensure work with the Urban Teacher Preparation Program at the University of Colorado at Denver, I am currently working on on my masters degree in Linguistically Diverse Education for Elementary learners.
I love being a part of the amazing spirit of learning and inquiring shown by Sanchez students. To have the opportunity to see how Sanchez students grow into active, educated, and inspiring community citizens is the reason I am at Sanchez.

I have a beautiful wife Tiffany, a 2 year old son Grady, a four month old daughter Laine, and a Golden retriever named Oliver. I love spending time with all of them together. My family is my priority in life and I enjoy them each and every day.
What are your hobbies/ interests? I like to spend time with family and friends, I enjoy playing with my son as much as possible, playing guitar, playing golf, basketball and softball in the summer. I enjoy listening to music, grilling out and skateboarding as well. Enjoying the Colorado in any way I can.
Contact Kris at Kristopher.DeCola@bvsd.org or at ext. 7331.
Kathryn Arroyo
Kathryn was born in Boulder, CO and has spent most of her life in the Boulder area. Before teaching in BVSD, she taught second grade in Salinas, California. She received her Bachelor's Degree, Elementary Licensure, and Master's Degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She enjoys taking her dogs on long walks, tennis, reading, and going to the movies.
Contact Kathryn at ext. 7335 or Kathryn.Arroyo@bvsd.org
Eda Leptich
Eda has four different endorsements: Preschool, Elementary Ed., Special Ed. and E.S.L. Besides loving the outdoors Eda is an avid distance runner.  She is Mom to three kids that all attended B.V.S.D. schools.
Contact Eda at ext.7334 or Adelaida.Leptich@bvsd.org
Sanchez Elementary School
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