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Welcome to Kindergarten



 Meet the Kindergarten Teachers


(left to right)

Jody Emery- Kindergarten interventionist

Jenny Chambelain
My Teaching license is from UCD and my Masters Degree in ESL is from UCD.
I love watching students discover new things about the world and themselves through creativity, critical thinking, exploration, building relationships and taking risks!!!
My family is from New England and I was inspired by my mother to become a teacher! We love lobster!!
I love to play guitar, rock climb, camp and do yoga! I am also learning Spanish!
Contact Ms. Chamberlain at or ext.7313
Jessica Rothman
I graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Japanese language and my elementary teaching certificate. I'm currently enrolled at CU for an MA in linguistically diverse education. I love teaching because every day is different and the kids make me laugh. I live with my husband and our two dogs, Bogart and Bella. I like to read, play the piano, play ultimate frisbee and do step aerobics. I love to travel!
Contact Ms. Rothman at or ext. 7312

Jessica Jones- Jess is student teaching this year in Ms. Chamberlain's class.

Laurie Moore
My family moved to Colorado when I was seven years old. I graduated from CU in Boulder with a degree in Communication/ Radio,TV and Film, long, long ago. I stayed in Boulder, married Wayne and had three children. My son Nate is an artist, living in Telluride. My daughter Lilly is a comic book artist, living in Portland, OR. And my daughter Susanna is a Biology major at CU Boulder, due to graduate the in the spring of 2012. My husband is a poet who makes a living in marketing in Boulder’s high tech world. I went back to school to get my master’s degree in Educational Psychology after teaching preschool long enough to realize that teaching was a perfect fit for me. I love and respect children, I have a passion for reading and writing, and I am particularly fond of teaching and learning new things. My favorite thing about teaching is witnessing the Aha! moments for a child. When the lights go on for them, my heart lights up like a neon sign in Vegas. I taught first grade in Denver for five years before coming to Sanchez. I sing in a choir and play the piano and guitar just well enough to sing lots of children’s songs. We made sure that all of our children could play an instrument, swim, ride bikes and ski, because those are the lifelong activities my husband and I still enjoy. I have been in Colorado almost all of my life, but I have also lived in Hawaii, New York City, Chicago and on a farm in Illinois. I garden, cook, sew and travel as much as possible. I’m afraid that putting three children through college has tapped out the travel funds for a while, but it was worth it.
Contact Mrs. Moore at or ext. 7317

Things to Work on During the Summer

The following is a list of things to work on with your child before they start Kindergarten. This list is not a requirement but rather a list of ideas to make your child succeed and start Kindergarten on the right foot.  

  1. How to spell and write their name.
  2. Sing the ABC’s.
  3. Be able to sit and listen to a story.
  4. Count to 10.
  5. Recognize numbers 0-5
  6. Able to identify some basic shapes.
  7. Know color names.
  8. Shoe tying.
Sanchez Elementary School
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