BVSD Middle Level Intramural and Interscholastic Sport Information

Southern Hills Middle School Intramural and Interscholastic Programs. 


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 Please note that registration must be complete before a student may participate in practices.  For Interscholastic Athletics, this includes a current physical (within the last year).


Middle School Intramural Athletics

The intramural program provides an introduction to athletics with an emphasis on participation and enjoyment of physical activity while participating on a team. The program offers approximately three weeks to practice and learn, and concludes with a culminating activity with other Boulder Valley intramural teams. 

2013-2014 Intramural Calendar


6th/7th Flag Football

August 26  – September 12

6th/7th Girls Volleyball

August 26 - September 12

6th/7th Boys Basketball

September 16 - October 4

6th/7th Girls Basketball 

January 16 - February 5 

6th/7th/8th Boys Soccer

February 26 - March 19

Bolder Boulder



Fees:  Participants in Intramural Sports are assessed a $45 fee per sport.






Middle School Interscholastic Athletics

The interscholastic athletic program provides a transition between the intramural programs of the 6th and 7th grade levels and the more competitive high school program. The program offers continued emphasis on participation and enjoyment of physical activity while allowing increased attention to coaching and skill development, with six to eight contests with other schools.

 2013-2014 Interscholastic Calendar


8th Grade Football

August 23  - October 23

7th/8th Girls Soccer

September 16 - October 11

8th Grade Girls Basketball

October 15 - November 19

8th Grade Boys Basketball

November 20 - January 15

6th, 7th, 8th Wrestling

January 16 - February 18

8th Girls Volleyball

February 7  – March 17 

6th, 7th, 8th Track

April 7  – May 23


Fees:  Participants in Interscholastic Sports are assessed a $85 fee per sport.

Students who attend a school that does not offer a specific program should contact the building principal for placement information prior to the beginning of the season.








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