Step 1: Click on "Simplified Characters"
Step 2: Click on desired lesson
Step 3: Click "Write" below the character
Every category you can think of.  It is like having a teacher next to you.
Pick 2 or 3 if you want.  Mrs. Gao can help you with the final pick.
Step 1. Click "Memory"
Step 2. Choose Lesson on lower left
Step 3. Choose match mode
Step 4. Choose "Simplified Chinese Characters"
Step 5. Choose board size: 4x4 or 5x5
Click start and have fun.
Must use Internet Explorer, not Mozzilla Firefox.  Just type Pinyin in the large space.  Try this: type: wo and pick the word that means "I".  Continue with "men", "shi", "xue", "sheng".
From the book: Learn Chinese With Me 跟我学汉语

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