2012 Read-a-Thon will be next Winter.  We're already looking forward to a great week! 



Hello SES Families,

This year’s Read-A-Thon focused on Zoo themed activities with an emphasis on Colorado State Animals.  Each class contributed their reading minutes into blocks to shape a grade level animal across from the office.  The kids were entertained each day with an animal mishap (ie: snakes in the cafeteria, trout in the toilets and scat on the playground!)  Literature was planted in the library each day for the students to "LOOK IT UP" in efforts to show the kids how many resources exist to help them solve any curiosities.  We had visits from Gary Gorilla each morning, and the energy at SES for reading went ZOO-ey!  Be sure to ask your child about the state animal names they can recite with 5 fingers (Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, Green Back Cut Throat Trout.) The art and writing submissions were terrific displays of all the creativity that abounds in SES and the reading efforts were a new experiment in "appropriate times" of reading opportunities that could be hopefully be repeated in weeks to come! 

Thanks for all the support and energy for another successful FUNdraiser! We would like to thank the sponsors, volunteers and supporters of our annual Read-A-Thon.   

Special thanks to:   w Catherine Davis of the Davis Financial & Insurance Group who sponsored The Canyon Critters’ wolves (Harper and Lupa) who were the special guests at our celebration on February 10th.  w Jen Tucker and Tami Fox for the beautiful animal incentive wall, Michele Muckle and Lisa Kyle for all the fun animal prizes, Kathryn Messman, Jenn Barsky and Stacey Hartmann for the art and writing contests coordination and Kelly McInnis for the festive animal themed display case.

We are already thinking about themes and ideas for next year’s Read-A-Thon.  If you would like to help or have suggestions, please contact Kate Sales (katebsales@comcast.net) or Beth Robertson (bethr1997@comcast.net).  We would love to hear some fresh, new ideas!

Sincerely, Kate and Beth


<- Please click on the link to on the left under the Read-A-Thon logo to access our grade-level Zooperior News

<- There are over 150 photos of the kids at the Wolf assembly.  Click here to see them.  We have photos of every group of winners!