​                   Fundraising in a Nutshell

                How can I support my school?


T​​he Superior PTA works year-by-year to help make life at Superior Elementary a little 

better, and to help our kids have a quality experience!  In recent years, the PTA helped 

to supplement the classrooms with technology, add new playground equipment, create a 

school garden, fund field trips, provide grants for special programs and staff development, 

provide funds for the 5th Grade Outdoor Education and Summer Reading programs, along 

with a myriad of other ways we supported our staff and students making our kids' 

overall experience a good one!

You may not know that each year the PTA raises enough money to fund a complete budget 

for the following year, and even to save a little for future years. You may also not know that 

of all the fundraisers held during the year, just three of them bring in over 70% of the total 

raised. They are the Fall Fling, the check-writing campaign (formerly the capital campaign), 

and the Read-a-Thon.

As the fundraising committee discussed ways in which we could simplify our

requests, we decided that it might be easiest to fold the fundraising function of the Read-a-

Thon into the check-writing campaign. We are still pleased to bring you the Read-a-Thon this 

year, but it will be a community service “friend-raiser” as opposed to a fundraising appeal.

So, how can you help? To meet our budget (including technology investments) for

the upcoming year, our goal is to raise $60,000. The best way we can maintain and even increase

fundraising for our school is to encourage every family to think about making as big a contribution

as they can to our TWO key fundraisers. The Fall Fling and Superior Invests in

Education. Let’s see if we can really step-up the money we raise in these two efforts!

1. Fall Fling: Buy tickets!! Participate in the Raffles! Participate in the silent auction,

and consider bidding beyond the auction price (it all goes to the school, after all!). This event

is a wonderful way for you to connect with your community, and the kids love it!

2. Superior Invests in Education: From November 15th through

March 1st, the PTA will be running a check-writing campaign. We will be challenging every

family to donate $100 to the school. We’ll put thermometers in the front hall, and every

family who donates will inch up the thermometer associated with the grade level for each of

their children. Let’s see which grade level takes the prize? If even 50% of all Superior

families were able to contribute $100, we could raise $25,000 in that effort alone! Don’t

forget that many employers may match your donations.

Please keep in mind that the $100 is a suggested donation. If you cannot give that much,

please contribute what you can. It is participation in the campaign that

counts most! However, if you think you can cover your family and another…give

$200….your family and two others, give $300. You get the picture!!

What happened to the Book Fair, Box Tops, Jamba Juice, 

and all the other ways we support our school? These are important 

fundraisers, and historically they help bring in 10%- 20% of our fundraising totals. We’ll still 

be running them, and we hope you participate!! More information on these efforts is contained

down below.

           Thanks for your support of Superior Elementary! 

                   Together, we can make it a great year!

Fundraising Committee: Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo (chair), Kathleen DeBoda, Kristen Dugdale, Suzanne Finnigan, Amanda Nimmons, Heidi Peck, and Dan Currie​

Ongoing Fundraisers at Superior Elementary

There are several ongoing and ancillary fundraisers that help the PTA raise funds

throughout the year. Several of these are “no cost to you” programs and bring in about

$8,000 – 10,000 per year. Here is how you can participate:

Scholastic Book Fair 

The Fall Scholastic Book Fair is held during parent/teacher conferences each year and raises 

$3,000-5,000. Thanks to everyone that shopped! 

King Soopers and Safeway Re-loadable Gift Cards 

SES PTA earns 5% of every dollar you  spend when you buy grocery gift cards from us. 

See more details down below.  These are new programs at SES that have brought in about  

$700 in the first six months, but there is potential for much more. At Fireside Elementary 

in Louisville, they made $17,500 from King Soopers last year!

Box Tops for Education 

All funds raised through Box Tops will be spent on technology purchases. Last year

we raised $2,000 from this program.  Clip - You can clip 10¢ Box Tops coupons from hundreds 

of your favorite products such as Cheerios®, Betty Crocker®, Pillsbury®, Ziploc®, 

Kleenex®, Hefty®, Juicy Juice®, Avery office products, and more! Just clip, save, and drop 

them in the Box Tops container outside the school office. We send them in at the end of October 

and February and then Box Tops for Education send us a check.

Shop online - Earn "eBox Tops" when you shop at your favorite online stores (over 100!) 

through the Box Tops Marketplace® ( 

Up to 15 eBoxTops™ per $10 spent on qualifying purchases is automatically donated to our school, 

at no additional cost to you. Plus, you’ll get exclusive Box Tops deals and discounts!

Sign up –– It’s easy and free. Sign up to support our school at

Cash 4 Candy  

Every year local dentist, Dr. Gordon West, purchases candy that local kids collected on 

Halloween. He pays us $1 per pound and donates the candy to our U. S. Troops overseas. Last

year we brought in 400 pounds of candy! 

Pizza Palz

Purchase these coupons from the PTA for $11 and receive a pizza worth up to $22 at

the Superior Old Chicago Sunday – Thursday. They never expire and they make great gifts too! The

PTA makes $5 on every card sold. 

Jamba Juice 

Jamba Juice smoothies are sold for $3 in front of the school during the spring and

fall. 20% of purchases are donated to the SES PTA. Last year we earned $1,600.

Payback Book Sales

Purchase these coupon books full of local coupons for $20 and $10 goes back to the PTA. 

The coupon books are available at the Fall Fling and by order until October 15.

Spirit Wear

Buy SES t-shirts, water bottles, etc. at the Fall Fling and a small portion goes to the SES




Join our Superior Re-loader Teams!

Everyone needs groceries, so why not let a percentage of your grocery and gas bill benefit Superior?

 How to get a card: Re-loadable cards are NOT available at King Soopers, Safeway, or the front office of

Superior. If you would like a re-loadable card, fill out the attached form or contact Suzanne Finnigan at and we’ll make arrangements to get one to you! You can add more money to the card (reload) right at the register. These cards will also be available at Fall Fling on Sept. 28

 Awesome for Superior: When you reload, Superior PTA earns 5% of the amount you put on your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this program?

1) YOU’RE PROTECTED IF YOUR CARD IS LOST! Each re-loadable card comes w/ an ID Number on

the back that keeps track of your balance. If your card is lost, the balance can be retrieved, your old number is

retired, and a new card is issued with the balance from your lost card.

2) YOU CAN STILL EARN “MILES!” If you participate in a credit card reward program, you can still pay for your groceries with a credit card. Just be sure to load your re-loadable card with your credit card, and receive points or miles from your credit card company. Then pay for your groceries with your newly reloaded card.

3) IT’S JUST ONE CARD! There is no need to buy multiple cards. Buy one card, one time, and reload it

whenever your balance gets low. No throwing away cards - it’s great for the environment!

4) LOAD YOUR CARD 24 HOURS A DAY! There’s no need to contact anyone at the school when it’s time to reload your card. Reload right at the register late at night, over the weekend, throughout the summer and any time King Soopers or Safeway is open.

What happens if I lose or throw away my Re-loadable Card?

A new card will need to be purchased from Superior via Suzanne Finnigan in order to have it linked to Superior. Reloadable cards CANNOT be purchased at the store. If your card is lost, the balance can be retrieved from the computer, and a new card is issued with the balance from your lost card.

What can be purchased with my Re-loadable Card?

Any merchandise in a King Soopers or Safeway store (including gasoline, sporting event tickets, ski lift tickets, gift cards to other stores, etc.) with the exception of some services. RE-LOADABLE CARDS MAY BE USED TO PURCHASE GAS AT KING SOOPERS, LOAF & JUG OR CITY MARKET FUEL CENTERS!

How do I find the balance on my Re-loadable Card?

In one of four ways: The balance is always printed on the bottom of your register receipt; Call 1-866-822-6252; visit; or your cashier can check your balance.