PTA Meeting Information and Minutes

PTA Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm in the SES Library.

These meetings are open to the public and often have guest speakers.  Parent are encouraged to come and find out what the PTA is up to!

 Meeting Agenda Minutes
August 23, 2011 Agenda-August.pdf Minutes - August.pdf
September 13 Agenda-September.pdf Minutes - September.pdf  
October 11 Agenda - October.pdf  Minutes - October.pdf  
November 9 Agenda - November.pdf​ PTA Meeting November 09, 2011.pdf
December 13 PTA Meeting December 13, 2011.pdf
January 10, 2012  Agenda - Jan 10.pdf

PTA Meeting January 10, 2012.pdf​

February 8 Agenda - Feb 7.pdf​  PTA Meeting February 7, 2012.pdf​
March 13                Agenda - March.pdf  ​PTA Meeting March 13, 2012.pdf
April 10 Agenda - April.pdf PTA Meeting April 10, 2012.pdf​
May 8​ Agenda- May.pdf​ PTA Meeting May 08, 2012.pdf​ 
August 21. 2012 Agenda-Aug.21, 2012.pdf
PTA Minutes August, 2012.pdf​

​ ​​​​​​​​September 11, 2012     Agenda-Sept., 2013.pdf​              PTA Mtg minutes 09112012.pdf​

October 9. 2012​             Agenda October-1.pdf​​​​​​​​               PTA Minutes October, 2012.pdf​

November, 2012                                         MEETING CANCELED

December, 2012            Agenda December, 2012.pdf​      PTA Minutes December, 2012.pdf​

Jan and Feb, 2013         Agenda January, 2013.pdf​         PTA Mtg. minutes for Jan. and Feb.​​

March, 2013                   Agenda-March, 2013​​​​​​​