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 Welcome to Art


Mike Wojczuk (Mr. W.)

Visit this location for:

Art Shows in the Community (Volunteer needed to hang show)
Website Art Exhibits (Volunteer needed to photograph art work)
Boulder Valley School Art Show in the spring at the Boulder Library.
Art Classroom events like 5th Chair presentations and K Shadow Puppet show.




See "Events" for details
Allan Houser, Native American Artist and Sculptor, is featured at the Gardens and in Art Class. Thanks to PTA!
Rhushil Ghimire is this years featured artist. Rhushil's are will hand for the entire school year. The art work was originally painted when he was in Kindergarten.




  Click here for BVSD link
  Denver Art Museum (DAM) home page
  Natalie Bridge Slide show of 5th grade field trip to Denver Botanic Gardens, fall 2010.

 Contact Details

Teacher's Name:  Mike Wojczuk
Department:  Visual Art
Phone:  720 561-4100 (x 4150)
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 Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.