Counselor's Corner

BVSD Counselors Vision Statement

The vision for Boulder Valley School District Counselors is to optimize school success for all students in the academic, career, and personal/social domains.  This will be accomplished through a Comprehensive School Counseling Program.  Therefore, a counselor's role will be:
  • To provide curriculum in the areas of academic success, career development, and life skills.
  • To teach, promote, and model the New Century Graduate skills.
  • To advocate for all students.
  • To promote district and school goals such as achievement, cultural diversity, equity, and school safety.
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 Quote of the Month

A great attitude becomes a great day, which becomes a great month which becomes a great year, which becomes a great LIFE  ~ Anonymous

 Boost Your School Success Meter 
Manage your stress by Breathing!  

This looks like....
*Take a slow deep breath through your nose all the way down into your belly.
*Let your jaw drop open and exhale slowly through your mouth. 
*Try it again
*Re-centering breaths help us regain our balance.  When you give your brain and body a minute to calm down, your ability to think clearly improves. Breathing is something you can do whenever you need to.  You could be in the middle of an argument, worried about a test question, but if you just start to consciously breath, you'll begin to calm down.  
BONUS:  You'll not only regain your balance but you'll know how to make choices you feel good about

  Spotlight on Career Skills

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Technology

When Maintaining technology in part involves trying to prevent problems before they start by checking to make sure everything is working the way it should.  When a problem occurs, you can troubleshoot to find out what caused the problem and then fix the part that is broken.

Maintaining and troubleshooting technology includes the ability to:

  • Prevent  problems in machines, computers, and other technologies
  • Identify   problems with technology
  • Solve problems  with machines, computers or other technologies

Careers that use this skill:

Computer network administrators       Mechanics       Engineers        Custodians   Computer support specialists         Repairers         Service Technicians

 Current Climate Focus

Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude

Reminder - The​ fact is, we can't control everything that happens to us.  We can't control the color of our eyes, if the Denver Broncos make another trip to the Super Bowl this year, where we were born, who we sit next to in class, or how others might treat us.  There is one thing we can control: How we respond to what happens to us.

7 Traits that people who are more resilient, happy and successful possess: 
  • Perseverance, Curiosity, Self Control, Social Smarts, Zest, Optimism, and  Gratitude

The first step in "developing" a positive mental attitude is :

Be Proactive - Take Charge of your life!

Listen to the type of language you use - Is it Proactive or Reactive?   An optimistic outlook can help students be engaged and responsible bringing increased success!

     Reactive Language                             Proactive Language
     I'll try                                                    I'll do it
     That's just the way I am                         I can do better than that
     There's nothing I can do                         Let's look at all our options
     I have to                                               I choose to
     I can't                                                  There's gotta be a way​
     You ruined my day                                I'm not going to let your bad mood rub off 
                                                                on me

 Additional Resources


  Mrs. Sackmann, Counselor


  Ms. Millar, Counselor


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Better Hearing and Speech Month
Military Appreciation Month
National Bike Month
National Mental Health Month
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
National Foster Care Month
 1-7  Choose Privacy Week
3-9  National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week
4-10  Screen Free Week
4-8  National Teacher Appreciation Week
6  National School Nurses Day
8  World Red Cross Day
16  Armed Forces Day
25  National Missing Children's Day

  Talking About  

Maintaining personal safety through technology  

When helping your teen to develop a good citizen attitude towards technology ;
Three Things You Must Do 

Understand your teen's anger 

Help her manage it

 Help him channel it into productive emotions and actions

Say such things as: 

~ Whenever you talk that way I know something is wrong.  Would you like to talk about it?

~ I know what you're feeling.  I get angry too.  Tell me about it

I'm here for you.  I'm not going to do anything but listen. So talk to me

~Let's take this anger apart, look at what caused it, and then figure out what you can do about it 

~If this happened to your brother/sister/ friend, how would you help him/her deal with it?  What advice would you give?

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