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On Tuesday, August 21, 2012 Boulder Explore opened its doors for the first time! The morning session included stations centered around painting, clay, interacting with the processes that formed the Rocky Mountains, drawing and collage, exploring the possibilities of photography and songs on an iPad, and  community-building games.  Thank you to all of you who are willing to begin this learning adventure with us - and we will happily welcome anyone else who chooses to join us - we have 6 seats remaining! If you have not enrolled but are interested in learning more, you may come to shadow (parents are asked to stay with students who are not enrolled). 

Boulder Explore's regular schedule is 8:30-3:30, Tuesdays.  Please visit our website at boulderexplore.org for more information. 

Sonny Zinn
Head of School, Boulder Explore
Boulder, CO
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Boulder Explore (BE)- Be Extraordinary

Mission/Vision Statement

Boulder Explore is a dynamic, student-centered inclusive learning community designed to enrich and support home school education. The vision of Boulder Explore is to be an innovative model for family-centered education that recognizes the importance of both individual and group learning for school-age children.  

Guiding Principles:
  • The parent is the first and the primary educator for a child. 
  • Families are honored and play a vital role in the learning community.
  • Students are respected and valued as individuals within a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Each student will have an Individualized Learning Plan, created in collaboration with the student, parent(s), and teacher(s), which will identify learning goals for the upcoming academic year and establish a mentoring plan throughout the year.
  • Student academic growth will be measured at the end of each academic year through a portfolio model, pre-determined by the student, parent(s) and teacher(s), which is aligned with the learning goals established in the ILP.
  • Students will learn in multi-age groupings during extended blocks of time.
  • Educational strategies will focus on Inquiry-based learning, problem-solving and thematic approaches to learning.
  • Course offerings will emphasize the Fine Arts, including Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Art and STEM -Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
  • Additional courses will be offered based on student and family interest along with available resources.
  • Learning experiences will be consistently enriched through the utilization of community resources and partnerships.
  • School district and community events will be communicated to parents and student participation facilitated upon request.
These characteristics reflect the foundational values of the Boulder Explore Advisory Council at our inception.  They will be reviewed and refined by our council members and community annually.

Primary Responsibility of Advisory Council:

The Advisory Council will serve as a liaison between the Boulder Valley School District and the local home school community.  The council will be a conduit for innovative educational ideas and concepts from the home school community for possible implementation within Boulder Explore. The Council will assist with ensuring Boulder Explore remains accessible and viable for all students.

 Upcoming Events

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