About Us

Birch is a neighborhood school with strong community support and experienced staff that holds high expectations for their students. At Birch, we recognize that each student brings special talents on which we capitalize, as well as areas of need, which we nurture. In doing so, we provide a learning environment that affords each child the opportunity to reach their "personal best" and develop lifelong skills that will assist them in decision making and problem solving as they continue on their life's journey.

School Mission:

At Birch, in partnership with students, parents, staff and community, we commit to developing each child as an inspired life long learner who demonstrates:


  • A strong foundation of academic skills,
  • Respect for self, others and the environment,
  • Ethical and social responsibility.


We will do this by fostering and celebrating student uniqueness in a safe, nurturing environment.

The behavior program at Birch has two major elements: reinforcement for positive behavior and consequences for inappropriate behavior. Within each element, consistency is the key to success.

Children who are recognized as good citizens grow in self-esteem and develop positive ways to interact with others. Teachers will develop a positive climate in the classroom that reinforces good behavior.

Special Programs and Activities:

The Birch program extends itself beyond the academic classroom in a wide variety of ways in order to accommodate the multiple intelligences through which our students learn and express themselves. Some of these activities include:


  • Band & Orchestra
  • Art Club
  • Spelling Bee
  • Talented and Gifted Program
  • Student Performances
  • School-wide Student Enrichment Assemblies
  • Student Council
  • "Birchoir" (Student Choir)
  • PAWS Players











Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers and parent involvement are key ingredients to our success. Our volunteer program begins before school starts and continues after hours. Volunteers are used in every aspect of our program. These dedicated individuals organize and implement the Morning Math and Summer Math programs, as well as working in the classrooms, library, and serving on the BEST committee.

Student Achievement:

When you combine high teacher expectations, parental support, and students who like to learn -- the result is high achievement.

Classroom Size:

The Birch classroom size averages 23 students. Lower numbers in Kindergarten and a little higher numbers in upper grades.




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