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Welcome to Señora Thorton's Website!!
¡Bienvenidos al sitio de Señora Thorton!

Señora Thorton teaches the following classes:
Pd. 1 -- Spanish 2
Pd. 3 -- Spanish 4WT
Pd. 4 -- Spanish 2
Pd. 6 -- Spanish 4WT
Pd. 7 -- Spanish 2
Planning periods are 2 and 5

Check below for class announcements.
Various handouts are available under the "documents" tab.

¡Vamos a aprender español!



All classes please note: 
by Lisa ThortonNo presence information
 8/14/2012 7:08 PM
Número de teléfono para el mensaje oral (Google Voice):  720-378-8193
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 Helpful links

Use this website to get additional practice with vocabulary and verbs that we are studying in class.
Use the user name and password you set up in class.
Use this site to enter web codes from your textbook and workbook, as well as to access other textbook practice.
Another excellent website to use for vocabulary and verb practice.  Also has good culture information.
Usa este sitio para practicar vocabulario y gramática del texto.

 Contact Details

Lisa Thorton
Spanish Teacher
World Languages Department


Ask Señora Thorton about her travels!

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