Welcome to the Broomfield High Counseling Office!


Broomfield High School Counselors provide:

  • Personal and Social Counseling
  • Academic Advisement and Consultation
  • Career Counseling and Post Graduate Planning
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Curriculum and school wide system planning and support

Students see our counselors for:

  • Educational Planning
  • Assistance in resolving academic difficulties
  • Dealing with school pressures
  • Acquiring information about the school and community
  • Career planning
  • Sharing successes with adults

Our Counselors are available to parents for:

  • Consultation about student/parent needs and concerns
  • Post-secondary planning
  • Problem solving
  • Referrals to community agencies
  • Academic advisement

How to see one of our Counselors:

  • A student or a parent can see one of our counselors on a drop-in basis at the Response Desk which is covered daily
  • A student can sign up with our Counseling Secretary, Donna, or with the Response Counselor for a time for an appointment with any of the counselors
  • A parent can call or email a counselor or contact our Counseling Secretary, Donna, for an appointment




 Senior Review:



            Seniors need to come to the Counseling Office and schedule a Senior Review with one of the counselors.  During their Review, we will discuss their progress toward meeting graduation requirements and their post secondary plans. Information will be available on 2 and 4 year colleges, vocational and technical schools, specialty schools, applications, financial aid, scholarships, military, gap year, and other related topics.



 Official & Unofficial Transcripts:



For a transcript to be considered “official”, the transcript must be stamped with the Broomfield High School seal, signed with an authorized signature, and mailed from the high school.



Cost of Transcripts:



The cost of the first transcript is $4.00; which covers the first and final transcripts; each additional transcript costs $2 each. If paying by check, make check payable to BHS. 






Students planning on participating in collegiate Division I or II sports must register with the NCAA Clearing House online and pay fees online.  In order for the counseling office to send transcripts you have to request them thru the NCAA website.  Follow the prompts to do this online. Go to Counseling and fill out Transcript request form; cost for transcripts is $4.00 (first and final). If paying by check, make check payable to BHS.



The NCAA website is:      http://web1.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.jsp

 ACT & SAT Testing:



·        Register to take the ACT or SAT test in the fall of your senior year to improve scores or if you have not taken them before.



·        Go on-line to register for the tests at www.actstudent.org (ACT) or www.collegeboard.com (SAT).  Have ACT or SAT scores sent to your colleges of interest (up to four colleges can be listed).







Workspace K12/Naviance is a database system that helps our students in the sometimes overwhelming college selection/application process.  It is a college research and application tracking tool; as well as a way for the BHS Counseling Office to communicate with you about important events such as college visits, scholarships, and test preparation.  Students and parents can access Family Connection, the student/parent portal, from school or home to assist them in the college/career selection process.  With Family Connections, students and parents can research colleges nationwide, create a list of schools that interest them, and browse and apply for the large number of scholarships that come through our office.



 If you do not have a log-on, access information is available in the counseling office.






Colleges you are interested in:



·        Read the freshman admissions section on the college’s individual website or in their catalog.



·        Check requirements needed-ACT, SAT I, SAT II testing, academic units, letters of recommendation and personal essays. 



College admissions deadlines:



Deadlines are different for each college - note dates for admissions, housing, scholarship, and financial aid. Be aware of when application materials need to be postmarked.



Completing Applications:



·        Applications can be done online and some colleges may waive the application fee for completing online applications.



·        Follow all directions. (Some colleges have you print forms that require a counselor to complete.)



·         Note deadline dates



·         Verify that the college will accept ACT test score from BHS; per BVSD policy we are only allowed to send State ACT Scores. Some colleges will only accept scores from the testing agency.



·        Double check application to ensure that all questions have been answered, submit application, payment online.



·         Go to Counseling and fill out Transcript request form; cost for transcripts is $4.00 (first and final). If paying by check, make check payable to BHS.



Applications Requiring Teacher Recommendations:



Students should contact the teacher as soon as they know a recommendation is needed.  Students must complete a teacher recommendation questionnaire which is available in the counseling office and give it to the teacher to help him/her write the letter of recommendation.  Request the recommendation 14 school days before the recommendation is due. 



Applications Requiring Counselor Input /Recommendation:



During the online application process, some colleges will require you to print forms that must be completed by the counseling office. Students complete their portions of these forms and sign the form before bringing them to the Counseling office Secretary.



 If the college requires a letter of recommendation from a counselor, make an appointment in the counseling office to talk with a counselor as soon a possible.  The counselors need 14 school days to complete the letter.






Sending Applications:



·        Allow 14 days for the application to be processed through the Counseling office



·        Go to Counseling and fill out Transcript request form; cost for transcripts is $4.00 (first and final). If paying by check, make check payable to BHS.



·         It is not necessary to wait for ACT/SAT test scores before applying. 









·        Regular decision applicants are generally informed in the spring.



·        Early Action and Early Decision applicants will generally be informed in January or February.



·        For colleges that use rolling admissions, such as University of Colorado-Boulder, students will received admissions decisions based on the quality of the applicant.  Most students will receive information in 4 – 6 weeks



·        Colleges communicate directly with the applicant.



·        Inform the counseling office when you are accepted. 



Scholarship Information from BHS:



All scholarship information will be placed on the Naviance Database System which is available to all students and parents at BHS.   Scholarships are added weekly to N


aviance; students are urged to check this system regularly.











Janice Dempsey
AP Coordinator
Testing Coordinator
College Fairs In-State/Out-of-State
Naviance/Family Connections
Gina Malecha
Department Chair
Talented/Gifted Educational Advisor
Freshman Seminar
College Concurrent Enrollment
Sheila Powers-Wright
Community Service
NOT (Smoking Cessation)
James Greene
Student Leadership
At-Risk Intervention
ACT Testing (State)
Heather Trujillo
Counseling Fax Number
Donna Maestas
Counseling Secretary
Shared Responsibilities
Career Center
Response Desk

 Process for requesting a transcript


Past Graduate Info:
Send a request with Name at the time of graduation, Year of Graduation, where transcript needs to be mailed, $2 processing fee.  Send to our Counseling Secretary, Donna’s Attention, Broomfield High School, #1 Eagle Way, Broomfield, CO  80020




Current Students: 
Come in to Counseling and fill out a transcript request form $4 for the first and final transcript and then $2 for processing each college application.


 College Information Links


Below are links to websites that may provide you with important information and facts as you work yourself through the college selection process.  As you learn more about the process, always work with the appropriate counselor to ensure correctness.





College sites, Colorado applications






College Athletic information for Division I and II



www.web1.ncaa.org/eligibilitycenter Eligibility for athletes




Federal financial aid web site




Financial aid and free scholarship search




Common Application form used by a number of Colleges




ACT testing information and on line registration






ACT  “news you can use” electronic Newsletter




College opportunity fund website




SAT testing registration, interests, descriptions of colleges, etc. Free scholarship/college searches and college planning