Mission Statement


About Our School
Broomfield High School is truly a community high school. The support given to the school by parents and community members is exceptional. Broomfield High School students' academic successes are not only the school's priority, but also the priorityBooster Club of many adults in the community. As a comprehensive high school, Broomfield offers a balanced program of study to meet the various academic needs and interests of its students. Broomfield High School's course offerings include honors and Advanced Placement courses in many disciplines, fine arts courses and vocationally- focused courses. A unique atmosphere of cooperation has been established in the Broomfield High School community. Together, the school and community discuss and solve issues that can improve the high school experience for all students. Broomfield High School's goal is to maintain that growing relationship and continue the tradition of excellence in all areas of the school's life.

School Vision
The challenge for schools today is to meet the needs of students for tomorrow - to ready our youth for living and working beyond high school in a world that will be different from both the present and past. We believe the high school experience is a vital, transitional stage in students' lives as they move from adolescence into adulthood.


Broomfield High School will:

1. create an opportunity for students to develop their intellectual, vocational, creative, and physical potentials within a challenging curriculum in a safe, inclusive, and motivational environment.
2. nurture in students diverse and lasting experiences that extend beyond the classroom.
3. recognize and support student and staff contributions and achievements.
4. provide the community a focal point for activity, involvement, and civic pride.


BVSD vision statement for the New Century Graduate.
The vision of our district is to graduate students in the New Century who have the knowledge, skill and personal characteristics that will prepare them as adults. In addition to skills and knowledge in reading, math, and for the challenges they will encounter as speaking, New Century Graduates' will possess a multicultural and global perspective. New Century Graduates' personal characteristics will include respect for others, initiative, creativity, ethical behavior and other characteristics that will enable them to become contributing members to society.

Colorado Commission On Higher Education Standards:
Beginning with the graduating class of 2008, high school students must meet both the specific college's index standard and have completed the required pre collegiate curriculum. All entering college freshmen must
complete the following curriculum:
1. English 4 years
2. Mathematics - 3 years (must include Alg 1, Geometry, & Alg II)
3. Natural Science - 3 years (to include two lab classes)
4. Social Science - 3 years(must include Geography, U.S. History and
World History)
5. Academic Elective* - 2 years
*Acceptable academic electives may include additional English,
mathematics, natural or social science, OR courses in computer
science, art, music, journalism or drama. <strong>Some colleges
and universities strongly recommend that students have at least
2 years of world languages