What Parents Are Saying

Testimonials from Community Montessori parents:

"Community Montessori creates an atmosphere where children respect each other, process and execute hands-on learning, and embrace the joy of their experience. What more could a parent wish for? When our family signed on to Community Montessori 10 years ago, I had no idea what an incredible experience lay ahead. The enthusiasm for learning and the methods developed by Maria Montessori are far reaching for many children. The process grows with each child who adopts previous skills to the next level as the child requires. My children have thrived and I am proud to have my children’s educational start be so positive. This experience will have an everlasting positive impact on my children.”  -Clarissa King, parent of Ben and Megan--alumni

“It is an amazing feeling and sense of security knowing that you are sending your children off to a place that nurtures, teaches, excites and builds their self esteem. Community Montessori has given me, my husband and our three children this gift that I’m not sure we can ever repay.” - Loran and Conrad Lattes, parents of Ben-age 8, Sophie-age 11 and Emma-age 14