Resources & Support

Resources & Support for Parents

Resources for Parents in the Library
Parents may check out books on Montessori education, positive behaviour support and educational strategies in the library. Please contact our librarian.

Classroom Management and Discipline
"I believe that our Nurtured Heart approach aligns beautifully with the Montessori Method and the mission of our school. I believe it is important to foster the strengths of all children. I see classroom management as a group effort. The children need to have ownership of the success of the classroom environment. They have to be taught self-control and respect of others. Discipline for me is always a learning experience as opposed to punishment. We all make mistakes and need to learn from them. I believe very much in Restorative Justice and healing the wrong that has happened."
- Shannon Minch, CM Principal, Sept. 2012

CM has been offering classes on the Nurtured Heart approach. Please check our calendar or go to: for more information.

Community Connections
Resources for Kids & Teens is an online guide listing programs and services for kids, teens and families in the Boulder Valley community. The guide is produced by the Boulder Valley School District.