Ages of Children Accepted to the Program
Children in the Primary (Preschool) program need to be three years of age by September 30 of their first preschool year. They must apply to the Boulder Valley School District during the Open Enrollment period and selection is done by a random lottery.

Car Seats Stored at School
Families needing to leave a car seat at school are to: 
• Place car seat in SOUTH EAST HALLWAY along the wall, just inside the South East entrance
• All car seats are to be labeled with child’s name
Families needing to pick up a car seat at school are to:
• Retrieve the car seat from the Sout East Hallway
Please inform all drivers responsible for transporting your child of this procedure.

Child’s Personal Belongings
Children’s personal belongings (clothing, lunch boxes, resting sheets, toys) will be kept in their cubbies.  Their classroom materials (papers, books) will be kept in separate work cubbies. 

Child’s Safety in Vehicle and Procedures
If students are taken off the school site for an excursion the vehicle(s) will have adequate seatbelts to accommodate each child.  There will be a ten to one child/adult ratio or less. Car seats will be provided for those children who are required by Colorado law to be in a car seat.

If on the excursion an emergency occurs the children will remain under the supervision of the adults and appropriate authorities will be contacted to help with the situation.

Diapering and Toilet Training
Children should be toilet trained before enrolling in the Primary program.  We do realize, however, that enrollment commitments may need to be made before toilet training has been completed and understand that some transition time may be necessary.  Accommodations will be made for those children with special needs who may require diapers at school.

In case of an accident, each child is required to have a change of clothing (pants, shirt, underwear, and socks) labeled and placed in a plastic bag to be kept at school.
Community Montessori’s Policy on Toileting
• A 6-week transitional period from the student’s start date will be permitted in recognition of the fact that enrollment commitments may need to be made before toilet training has been completed.

• During the 6-week transitional period the occurrence of toileting accidents will be charted for each child.

• During the 6-week transitional period parents will be notified if toilet accidents are a persistent concern.  Parents will be asked to focus on consistent toilet training at home.

• When a student has a toileting accident at school they will be guided to change their own clothing. They will be assisted with hygiene and things that they cannot do for themselves in accordance with the Colorado Rules and Regulations for Child Care Centers.

• Each child is required to have a change of clothing (pants, shirt, underwear and socks) labeled and placed in a zip style gallon plastic  bag to be kept at school. This supply is to be kept replenished by parents.

• Parental involvement, as detailed below, will be required for students who are still consistently having toilet accidents (as recorded on the chart) after the 6-week transitional period.

• After the 6-week transitional period a toilet training plan will be developed and implemented between the teacher and the parents which may include:
• --Alignment between home and school on toilet training expectations, clothing used and consistent follow through with the child when an accident occurs.
• --A change in the child’s schedule to allow parents more time for toilet training with their child.
• --Parents on call to come and change the child when accidents occur.
• --Other options as necessary.

Field Trips
Field trips, when organized by the classroom occur after the parent has filled out and returned a field trip permission form.  Volunteers will be invited to accompany such field trips to ensure a ten to one child/adult ratio.
Only kindergartners will do an afternoon field trip.

Filing a Complaint with Social Services
Your child is enrolled in a child care program that is licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services.  The license indicates that the program has met the required standards for the operation of a child care facility.  If you have not done so, you may ask to see the license.  Licensed facilities make every effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for children.  On rare occasions an incident of physical or sexual abuse may occur.  If you believe your child has been abused, you should seek immediate assistance from your county department of social services.  The telephone number to report child abuse in this county is Boulder County Department of Social Services 303-441-1109.  If you have any other concerns about the child care facility, please consult the Colorado Division of Child Care at 303-866-5958.

Late Arrivals when Class/Group away from School
If a child arrives late to school and their class/group is away from the school on a field trip or excursion, the child will be placed in another primary classroom.  If all classrooms have scheduled a field trip on the same day, the child will be kept in the office until the parent or designated guardian on the emergency card can be contacted to come and get the child.  In the event that the two previous situations are not possible the child will remain in the office under the administration’s supervision until a party can be reached to pick up the child.

Meals, Snacks
Those children staying for lunch need to bring their own sack lunch or purchase a school lunch. CM does not have refrigeration for each child.  We ask that you pack nonperishable lunch foods.  If you send in items that need to stay cold, please remember to include a cold pack in the lunchbox.  See the website for information on school lunch, milk, water, orange juice and harvest bar prices.If you are sending a lunch please avoid certain items that are difficult for the 3 & 4 child to manage (i.e. Gogurts, fruit leathers).
Thank you for your attention to healthy school lunch choices.
The snack program in the Primary classrooms is part of the Montessori curriculum.  This is an opportunity for your child to take part in the process of selecting nutritious items to bring to school.  We provide serving containers, napkins and cups. The primary teachers distribute details on the snack program when asking each family to contribute a few classroom snacks throughout the year.

Staggered Start Dates for First Week of School
 To smooth the transition for the new preschool children entering school in  August CM introduces new 3-and 4-year-old students gradually, a few each  day, over the first full week of school. Returning 4-year-old students return  last.  Preschool students’ staggered start date is  mailed to the family in June.

Sunscreen at School
Please provide your child with a sun hat and apply sunscreen on them in the morning. Sunscreen cannot be shared. Your child may keep it at school labeled with their name. Our developmental goal in the Primary class is for the students to learn to be independent by doing things for themselves. If you have taught your child how to use sunscreen, staff will assist to apply it safely.

Television and Video Viewing
Television and video viewing is rarely used in the Community Montessori Primary program.

Transporting Children - Excursions
When kindergarten children leave the school site they will be transported on Boulder Valley School District buses, by cars or walk to nearby sites to visit.  The field trip permission forms will be sent to families for permission to take their child on specific excursions.

Preschool + Kindergarten (Primary)
Primary tuition rates are provided with the contracts. Contact the office with any questions or concerns.

Late Tuition Payment Policy
The Tuition Contract policy signed by every family states the following:  “Payment is due by the 10th of each month.  Failure to pay may result in a late fee and continued delinquency may result in a child being excluded from the program.”
No monthly billing statements are mailed, but you may request a monthly receipt by contacting the office in the beginning of the school year.

When delinquency occurs the following procedures will be implemented:
1. The family is notified by phone on the 15th of the month by the office that their tuition payment is delinquent.
2. If payment is not received by the 20th of the month, the family will receive a written notice of the delinquent payment.
3. If payment is still not received by the end of the month, the school principal will contact the family to arrange a payment plan.
4.  If the payment plan set up between the principal and family is not honored, the family will be contacted to renegotiate the payment plan.
5. If the payment plan is not consistently honored after three months, the family will be contacted to discuss the possible exclusion of their child from the program.
In May, families who have not paid balances for that year will be informed that if the balance is not paid by August, their child’s position will be reassigned.

Scholarships for the CM Primary program are available on a limited basis for families that qualify based on income. The BVSD Open Enrollment application contains the form for seeking scholarship qualification. The school district will inform families of scholarship qualification.

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