Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution Committee Crest View Elementary 2013

The Conflict Resolution Committee is committed to creating a school community that is a fair, safe, and an equitable learning environment for all students. It is directly in line with our school mission: …to help develop competent, confident and compassionate citizens who will excel in their life's work, contribute to tomorrow's society, and be able to compete in tomorrow's global economy.

Under the umbrella of Positive Behavior Support (PBS), the Conflict Resolution Committee supports and maintains the following programs:

- The Peer Mediation Program, where 4th and 5th grade students undergo training to be the outside, third party mediators who help on the playground with students kindergarten through 5th grade to solve problems peacefully.

- The Second Step program provides kits for each classroom teacher, Kindergarten through 5th grade, to teach the skills of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and academic success.

- The Stars Program promotes Our School Rules to be:

Be safe

Be fair

Be friendly

Work hard

This is a program where students are recognized with a star for exhibiting one or more of our school rules consistently and/or in an exceptional way. Student names are displayed on the school Caught Being a Crest View Star banner, their names are listed in the Crest View Cougar, and they receive a Star button to wear and keep.

- Peace Place - is a concept or a physical corner in the classroom that promotes students solving their own problems following a simplified mediation process which includes:

1. Agree to solve the problem

2. Take turns talking

3. Tell the truth 

Other posters found in a Peace Place are:

- The Crest View Promise (Spanish and English)

- Telling versus Tattling

- I Messages (Spanish and English)

- How to Stop Being Bullied

- Keys to Making and Keeping Friends

Throughout the school you will see posters and products promoting diversity, bullying prevention, and positive social skills that have been obtained and displayed by the Conflict Resolution Committee. The goals of the Conflict Resolution Committee and the mission of our school is accomplished by the entire Crest View faculty and staff who are committed to create a fair, safe, and equitable learning environment for all children.

The Conflict Resolution Committed is chaired by Jeri Yeager and Becky Houghton. Committee members are: David Mohseni, Caitlin Razey, Holly Vance, Jennifer Street and Nance Helmig.

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