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Welcome to Kindergarten Enrichment at Crest View Elementary

Where can a boy fly on the back of a baby dragon, or cross a dangerous river on the back of a crocodile?  Where are elephants blue and space ships made out of shoe boxes?  Kindergarten Enrichment is the place where imaginations come to life and anything can happen.

Kindergarten Enrichment exists in order to help young students explore their world through creativity and exploration.  The Kindergarten Enrichment classroom provides a safe, nurturing environment for building social skills through team work and cooperation.  Artistic expression is explored through creative arts, literature, dramatic play, science and nature, music, movement and play based exploration.  Albert Einstein once stated that, "Imagination is more vital than information."  Our rich and diverse classroom settings are the perfect place for young students to explore and share their ideas and learn through doing and playing.

Kindergarten Enrichment is the complement to BVSD's half day of kindergarten.  Morning and  afternoon classes are both available. Jill Williams and Judy Franz are the Kindergarten Enrichment Specialists at Crest View Elementary.  We encourage future students and their parents to check out our magical classroom environment as we learn through emergent curriculum, developmentally appropriate practices, and play!

We believe that teachers can learn from students too:

Mrs. Franz studied Early Childhood Development at Colorado State University.  She also directed a Colorado Home Day Care/Preschool prior to working as a BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment Specialist.  

Mrs. Williams is a certified K-12 teacher and earned her license at Dominican University in Illinois.  She has taught pre-school, first grade, third grade, and has served as a Special Education Intensive paraprofessional throughout the Boulder Valley School District prior to becoming a BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment Specialist.

Mrs. Franz and Mrs. Williams have been learning and growing with KE kids for over a decade.  They look forward to meeting you and sharing their dynamic, ever changing, ever playing classroom with your son or daughter.  Feel free to email your questions to or

To visit the Kindergarten Enrichment site for the district, click here.