Crest View Elementary Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play an essential role in the success of our school community.  Please check the link below to explore the many volunteer opportunities at Crest View.   Volunteer needs are frequently added or changed, so we encourage you to check with your child's classroom teacher, the Cougar newsletter or the school website for additional chances to help.  Some of the programs that make Crest View unique were started by parents.   If you have a special talent or a program idea, please talk to your child’s teacher or the ROCV or SAC chairs. 

Please click here to explore Crest View's volunteer opportunities. 

If you wish to volunteer at Crest View
in any capacity this school year, you must complete a Volunteer Agreement​ and return it to the school.  A new form must be completed each year.

Also, all volunteers who work with children must also complete and pass a mandatory background screening process.   

There are 2 options for the background screening – please be aware that if you choose the CBI screening, it can take up to 12 weeks to process!

Option 1:  Annual TClogiq Screening
·         Cost: $17.00 plus applicable state fees
 (Any volunteer needing clearance to transport students will be required to pay $22.50. This cost includes
  the regular volunteer background screening as well as a motor vehicle background screening.)
·         Must be completed each school year - this background screening is valid only for the current academic year
·         Processing takes an average of 2-3 days (processing may take longer if you have lived in multiple states or another country)
·         Link for online screening is www.tclogiq.com/bvsdv (fees are payable at the time of submitting the application)
Option 2:  One-Time CBI Screening (Colorado Bureau of Investigations)
·         Cost: $40.00
·         Requires a fingerprint card (can be obtained for $11.00 at county or local police station)
·         Bring in a completed CBI Volunteer Form​ together with the fingerprint card & a check payable to BVSD for $40.00 to BVSD’s Human Resources Department or the Crest View office (we will send it to HR for you)
·         Because fingerprint clearance is ongoing, this screening would only need to be completed once (not each school year)
·         Processing can take up to 12 weeks
Crest View Elementary and ReachOut Crest View (ROCV) place a high value on the contribution of our volunteers.  ROCV has generously offered to provide reimbursement if you require financial assistance.  Reimbursement Request Forms are available in the office.



Volunteers are essential for the successful operation of any school, and at Crest View their efforts are always greatly appreciated. We strongly believe that our volunteers directly benefit the school by:

  • Increasing individual student instructionMath Night
  • Expanding enrichment opportunities
  • Enabling the more efficient use of our teachers' time and skills
  • Generating funds for student activities

We find that Crest View's parent-staff communication is greatly strengthened as a result of our volunteers' involvement in the education process. Early each fall, information is sent home to parents outlining various volunteer opportunities. Participation can be easily adapted to fit your time constraints and interests.

Every year volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • individual classroomsFrogathon
  • library
  • Habitat
  • new and used book fairs
  • health room
  • computer lab
  • school pictures
  • silent auction
  • frog-a-thon

 In addition, parents are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of social events, services, and fund raising activities. Opportunities may range from the Pancake Breakfast and Teacher Appreciation Days to Back-to-School Night and the Sock Hop/Silent Auction.