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ReachOut Crest View 2013-2014


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Reach Out Crest View (ROCV) Fundraising 

One of the objectives of Crest View’s PTO - Reach Out Crest View (ROCV) - is to help raise money for our school.  Because of the State’s significant budget cuts to school funding, it has become more important than ever for our community to work together to raise funds to help bridge the gap between state funding and the cost of providing an enriching and comprehensive education for our children.


To assist you in your financial planning, here is an overview of the fundraising activities we will conduct during the 2013/2014 school year. 


ROCV through a grant process funds some of the school operating budget, materials to enhance and support the grade level curriculums, the arts, music, guest speakers, technology, and many other items not covered in the school budget.



Colorado ranked 42nd in the nation in per pupil funding – and that was before the latest rounds of cuts by the State to education – so every $ you can contribute to these fundraisers really helps!


Payback Books


This fundraiser is very popular with many Crest View families, friends, and neighbors, who all look forward to the opportunity to buy Payback Books.


Payback books are a great way to save money AND raise money for Crestview! Payback books are full of coupons for lots of local business you frequent around town...everything from McGuckin’s Hardware to Sunflower Market to Play it Again Sports, Murphy's Grill, Walnut Café, and everything in between! There are even discounts for skiing! 


Keep your coupon book in your car and you'll be amazed by how often you'll use it.  All this for only $20 per book! Use a couple of coupons and it pays for itself!


Because the coupons are all for local vendors and valid during the school year rather than the calendar year, this fundraiser kicks off the first week of school. Look for the will include a book and everything else you need to know about this easy, fun and profitable campaign.


There are also prizes for kids who sell five, ten or more books!


Cougar Cash


 This is your family's chance to give directly to the school by giving cash, writing a check, charging your credit card or donating online.


This fundraiser requires no selling on the part of your child, no time commitment, is 100% tax deductible and has virtually no expenses or overhead.  The result is your contributions go directly to the education initiatives budgeted for and funded by ROCV at Crest View Elementary. We recommend a $150 donation per child attending Crest View but encourage participation at any donation amount.


The campaign is kicked off at the start of the school year and ends 6 weeks later on September 30, 2012.  Look for information on the campaign in your child’s Friday folders, at the Back to School Picnic and in a short video presentation at your teacher’s Parent Information night.


We kick-off this fundraiser immediately at the start of the school year in order to fund the budget and be ready to support the fall grant requests from your children’s teachers.

Silent Auction


Every March, ROCV hosts a Dance and Silent Auction at the school.  Every square foot of the school is taken up with fun activities for this popular community event.  Last year, over 700 people attended. 


The library and hallways are busy with people bidding on items for auction. Volunteers solicit donations from local businesses, and Crest View teachers and families come up with many creative and fun donations.  Items range in value from $10 to $2,500 and there is something to suit everyone’s taste! 


 In the cafeteria, families enjoy pizza, salad and ice cream, and miraculously, leave no trash behind!  This is a “zero-waste event!” 


The art room is a beehive of activity, with the children (and a few adults!) creating beautiful works of art, under the direction of the art teacher and her team of volunteers.


The gymnasium is transformed into a rockin’ dance club, and is filled with little bodies, moving to the beat of a DJ.  Lights and music create a special fun atmosphere, and the kids enjoy showing off their moves on the stage.


Admission to the Spring Fling/Silent Auction is only a few dollars, and dinner runs an additional $20/family. 


All Other
In addition to the major fundraisers, ROCV applies for grants and participates in local opportunities for donations to the school budget – such as the Bag Credits at Whole Foods, Target Credit Card, Box Tops for Education, Book Worm, Scholastic Book Fair, Purple Crocodile, etc.