ROCV is a volunteer organization composed of an Executive Committee, Trustees, and interested parents and staff.  Join our monthly meetings if you’d like to participate in ROCV activities or just stay up-to-date on the latest school news and events.

For more information, please contact any of the following Executive Committee Members for 2013-2014. 

Tracy Halgren, Co-Chair:  303-440-1200,

Kristy Westnedge, Co-Chair:  303-530-7376,

Lisi Kempton, Treasurer:  303-859-1606,

Vivian Curl, Secretary:  303-442-1870,

ROCV Event/Activity Chairs:

Cougar Cash Direct Appeal Fundraiser – Colleen Harvey & Natalie St. Denis

Directory Julie Pielke

Payback BooksGeri Mitchell-Brown and Doug Brown

Garden To Table - Tracy Halgren

Grounds – Steve Roy

Back to School Picnic - Ginger Barnes & Nicole Benjamin

Room Parent Coordinator - Andrea Barsch

Scholastic Book Fairs Michelle Gallagher

School Pictures - Samantha Lentz

School Supplies – Clare Oroke & Nicole Benjamin

Silent Auction FundraiserTracy Halgren, Kate Chaux and Suzy Wolf

Social Media - Stacey Zis, Vivian Curl, Beanie Brady

Talent Show – Emily Werner

Teacher Grants - Stacey Zis & Tracy Halgren

Welcoming & Hospitality – Amy Chan

YearbookSherry Franz


Stacey Zis · Mary Ann Pyle · Kristy Westnedge · Sarah Vincent · Ginger Barnes · Tracy Halgren · Becky Harris  · Lisi Kempton  · Vivian Curl  · Nicole Benjamin  · Suzy Wolf  · Kira Zana  · Jill White  · Natalie St. Denis · Kiele Cox · Mollie McCaig · Andrea Barsch · Christina Ihnot · Kate Chaux · Patricia Jarvis · Amy Wong