Eco Club
In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22nd), Douglass will celebrate with a week long celebration of school wide goals and classroom activities. This celebration will be an opportunity to educate the students on 'green' practices and have lots of fun.

Following is what we have planned for school-wide activities:

Environmental pledge: Invite all students to make a 'pledge' to help the earth. Brainstorm with kids on what they could do at school or at home to help the environment. Examples of pledges are: picking up trash, recycling, saving water by turning off the water when I brush my teeth, planting a tree or garden, turning off the lights when I leave a room, etc., etc. (pledges should be age appropriate). Let the kids have fun with this and generate lots of ideas! We had discussed the grocery bag project communicated by Linda Taht earlier this week as an example of a pledge your class could do.

The pledges should then be documented as the teacher sees fit. Might be a good idea for all classes in a grade level to do the same thing.

For example:

K - 1: Kids could make cutout of hand and write pledge on hand and decorate. Hands could then be displayed in classroom or hallway. Another cute idea is to have kids write pledge on a leaf and then we'll display the pledges on a large tree cutout either in a hallway or the cafeteria.

2 - 5: Students could document pledge with an essay or picture...whatever the teacher feels appropriate and they have time for. These items could also be displayed in the classroom, hallway or cafeteria.

Let us know what you'd like to do in your classroom - materials and volunteers will be provided to put up display (teachers won't need to do this).

Week long lunch room trash reduction goal: Discuss goal with students and have students brainstorm on ways they could reduce the volume of trash produced in the lunch room. If wanted, Jennifer Dingman can do a brief visit to your class to discuss the differences of trash, recycleables and compostables and show example board of items. The lunchroom trash will be weighed prior to the week and then every day after lunch during the week (starting on 4/19). Mr. Wolfer will request 2 4th grade volunteers from the lunch room each day to help weigh the trash. The volunteers will chart the trash each day and do a final calculation on Friday to show our volume reduction (hopefully!).

Conclusion announcement on Friday: Mr. Wolfer will conduct an announcement on Friday along with student representatives to discuss various pledges and activities from different grades and the results of the trash reduction exercise. It was decided that an announcement was more appropriate than an assembly as that week already has the Arts Alive assembly.

Teachers are also encouraged to do other Earth Day activities as desired such as reading books about the topic, planting seeds, picking up trash around the school, etc.. Please email Jenn Dingman at if you'd like ideas on activities or books.

Some classroom activity ideas are:

  • plant a Tin Can Herb Pot using recycled tin cans which can be decorated and seeds (
  • plant an eggshell garden
  • make bookmarks out of old calendar pictures cut into strips
  • show products made out of recycled bottles and/or tires
  • show food scraps and then show compost and discuss benefits of compost to soil

If you have any questions or need help gathering materials for an activity, please email Jenn Dingman.

Thank you in advance for helping us plan a wonderful celebration for our school!

 Eco Club  


Eco Club is an activity that is open to all 3rd 4th and 5th grade students at Douglass Elementary.  The club has existed for many years at Douglass.  We were one of the first schools to achieve the GREEN STAR status.  This means that we “go the extra mile” to compost as well as recycle at our school.  Also, we try to cut down on the paper used at school, and we try to avoid using lots of brightly colored paper.  Students in Eco Club have a variety of responsibilities.  They make classroom presentations to encourage recycling, they collect recycling in areas other than classrooms, they encourage recycling in the cafeteria, they help with school wide “special recycling” efforts and they participate in the end of year “Classroom Cleanout”. 

Each year the club takes a field trip to Western Disposal and the Eco Cycle Plant to learn more about composting and recycling. Each school year we focus on a new project or two.  During the 2008-09 school year, we hope to accomplish two things.  First, we’d like to see plastic ware replace paper goods for most school parties. This goal was accomplished with the aid of PTO in December 2008.  Second, we hope to raise enough money with “special” recycling….cell phones, ink cartridges, CD’s, etc., to purchase a tree for our new playground.  We collected $45 in our first round….so we’re well on our way!


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