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Do you have a scientist-in-the-rough in your family?
Here are some fun science opportunities that are free and great for kids in our community.  Coming up is a program called the "CU Wizards" which is taught by various CU professors in their fields of expertise brought down to an elementary school level.  Each month during the school year, a different program is presented on Saturdays.  The link below details the schedule of events coming.  I have attended these presentations as a parent and thought quite highly of the presentations.  This set of events begins 9/24.

Additionally, every Friday evening at the Sommers-Bausch observatory on campus starting at 9:00 p.m., the public is invited to attend an "observatory open house" staffed by graduate students from the Astrophysics department at CU.  These students focus the powerful telescopes on celestial phenomena for families and provide interesting information about "backyard astronomy" for kids.  This activity is weather permitting.  Please click the following link if you would like more information:

Last of all, here is a fun activity to do with your kids that uses math -- especially at this time of the year!  Calculate a good estimate of the temperature by counting cricket chirps!  All kids love this activity especially when they can then check their math against the actual temperature...check out the links for more information. 
Read about the mathematical formula here and how to do it.
This website lists the temperature if you do not have a thermometer at your house.