We came together as a staff and discussed the best way to celebrate in light of our focus on instruction, equity and nutrition. The demands on teachers to cover their material in an effective way are really impacted when a birthday snack is brought in. Also, we have some families that providing a birthday treat is a hardship, and finally, often the high sugar content is a problem for kids, and some students with allergies are not allowed to participate.  After thoughtful discussion, we have decided to discontinue the practice of delivering birthday goodies/snacks/treats/prizes in the classroom.  If treats are brought in, they will be taken to the office and graciously returned to families.

Flatirons WILL continue to celebrate student birthdays!  We will continue to announce each student’s birthday during morning announcements for all to hear and celebrate.  Each teacher and classroom will continue to acknowledge individual birthdays in their own way.  This will continue the great birthday celebrations we have done at Flatirons for years.