Flatirons Giving Campaign – Donate Now!
In response to parent feedback, we have provided more online payment options this year.  If you are giving at the guideline of $250 per child, you can donate a lump sum or choose to pay in monthly installments based on the number of children enrolled at Flatirons. All monthly installments are currently processed through Paypal and will appear automatically on your bank or credit card statement. We suggest $250 minimum per child enrolled at Flatirons, but bigger gifts are welcome and gifts of any size are deeply appreciated! Thank you.

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Let’s Invest in Our Kids!
Flatirons Annual Giving Campaign
At Flatirons, the Annual Giving Campaign is critical to implementing each step of our 2013-2018 Strategic Plan.  In this plan, parents and teachers call for more creative hands-on learning; more arts, music and theater; more para professionals to provide differentiated learning; greater use of technology; and more collaboration and continuity between grades and teachers.
Last year, we made huge progress on our plan after parents raised an incredible $46,500 for the Annual Campaign. This year our goal is to raise $50,000 and involve even more parents.
If you have not yet made your donation, please take the time now to make a donation of $250 per child enrolled at the school. If you can give more, please do.  If you can’t give $250, give what you can. We pledge to put every cent of your donation to work on behalf of our kids. Here’s to a great year!
Ross Wehner and Leslie Simpson, Annual Giving Campaign Co-Chairs (and Flatirons parents!)
Here is what the PTO funds, thanks to you!
*Project-Based Learning (PBL) – Flatirons teachers recently participated in a PBL workshop, funded by you! Now a group of 11 Flatirons teachers are forging ahead with more training and yearlong coaching to implement Project-Based Learning in the classroom.
*Para Professionals – Despite the ongoing budget crisis, Flatirons has a huge number of teaching assistants. Our wonderful para’s have decades of experience and allow us to teach to each child.
*Technology – we recently purchased Chrome books for the 3rd grade and teachers are asking for more!
*Arts and Outdoor Ed – Ms. O is getting her Ukuleles in order to start her hootenanny, and we will continue to fund outdoor ed, music and theater offerings!
*Big Increase in Assemblies– coming up: Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespeare & Violence Prevention and Reading to End Racism workshops – funded by you!
*Literacy Support and Library – Flatirons lost its literacy professional because of district funding cuts, but PTO is providing additional support to help fill the gap. We also recently purchased $2,500 in graphic novels and other cool library materials!
Please Give Today – Your Support is Critical for Our Kids
Your PTO Dollars at Work!