1150 7th Street                (720) 561-4600            Principal, Scott Boesel


Flatirons Elementary School is a unique school that significantly contributes to meeting the academic, developmental and social needs of its students through a challenging academic course of study and related multifaceted activities.  The school community provides students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and inspiration needed to become lifelong learners who are curious, creative, and analytical, adaptable and motivated to fulfill their highest potential.  As a result of their Flatirons experience, students become confident individuals who value diversity and seek out life's challenges and adventures while acting in a socially responsible manner.



Location - Flatirons Elementary School is located on the corner of 7th Street and College Avenue at 1150 7th Street, Boulder, CO 80302. 

Attendance Area - Our school serves a large geographic area.  In Boulder our school attendance boundaries include:  Canyon Boulevard on the north, Broadway on the east and Baseline on the south.  We also include students who live in the Chautauqua area as well as several mountain areas.  Students who live on or above Flagstaff, in Four Mile and Sunshine Canyons, in Knollwood, and on Sugarloaf are bused to school at Flatirons.  

School Size - Our total school population is usually between two hundred eighty and three hundred ten students serving kindergarten through fifth grade.

Special Needs - We serve our student population with special needs by using a partial inclusion model.  This means that the students who receive special education services receive most of these resources in the regular classroom.  Up to 20% of our population receives this support each year.

Student Demographics - Approximately 8% of our population is composed of students with non-Caucasian racial background.

Curricular Program - We implement the approved Boulder Valley School District Curriculum.  In addition we expect students to be engaged in service learning activities throughout the year.  Students receive instruction in Art, Music and Physical Education in addition to the curriculum presented in the regular classroom.

Volunteers - Our school is fortunate to have a large number of parents, university students and members of the community who are willing to help extend our learning opportunities through their volunteer support.  Due to this support we are often able to reduce the adult/student ratio to approximately 9/1.



We highly value the communication between our parents and the school staff.  The following is a list of the ways you may receive information about your child's classroom, Flatirons Elementary and the Boulder Valley School District.

Flatirons Website - The school website contains information regarding all aspects of Flatirons Elementary and many links to district and educational websites.  You can obtain information on upcoming events/activities, staff information, PE/Music/Art and Lunch Schedules, lunch menus, specialist schedules, enrollment and registration information, classroom information, parent information, awards, etc.

Flatirons Newsletter (Falcon News) - The school newsletter contains information regarding all aspects of Flatirons Elementary such as upcoming events, awards, program information and some community events.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) - This group of parents, teachers and school staff organize fundraising activities and social events for the Flatirons School.  All Flatirons parents are members and are encouraged to attend the meetings.

School Improvement Team (SIT) - This group of parents, teachers, school staff, and community patrons are the school's decision making body.  They work together to assess how to improve Flatirons' student achievement, increasing student attendance, increasing the graduation rate, and the valuing of cultural diversity.

School Directory - The school directory is published yearly in the fall.  It contains the address, phone number and parent names of each student.  Also included are the school's calendar, school governance team, and school staff.



Report cards are sent home following each trimester.  The first and second trimester, please sign and return ONLY THE ENVELOPE to your child's classroom teacher.


If you have special needs due to a disability, and wish to request accommodations in order to participate in any school activity, please notify the School Principal or BVSD Central office at (720) 561-5835 at least seven (7) days in advance of the event so that appropriate arrangements for reasonable accommodations may be made. 


All visitors to Boulder Valley School District facilities are required to report to the office when they arrive.  We ask that both visitors and volunteers sign in and wear a visitor/volunteer badge while in our building.


The YMCA offers before and after school childcare programs for students at Flatirons Elementary.  Morning programs are available as early as 7:00 a.m. and continue until the beginning of the school day.  After school programs begin at the end of the school day and continue until 6:00 p.m.  Parents may choose morning only, afternoon only or both.  Flexible drop-in is also an option.  During in-service days or school holidays YMCA of Boulder offers full day childcare from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  More specific information about the whole program and enrollment information may be obtained from the YMCA at (303) 443-4474 Ext. 4201 or (303) 909-2975.



Choir - Choir is offered to students in third, fourth and fifth grade.  Programs are presented to students and school community throughout the year.  Practice is Wednesday mornings before school at 7:30 a.m.

Jump Rope Club - Jump Rope Club is offered one morning a week in the fall before school at 7:30 a.m. for all students in grades K-5.

Running Club - Running Club is offered one morning a week in the spring before school at 7:30 a.m. for all students in grades K-5.


Chess Club - Chess Club is a fee-based activity offered to all students in grades 1-5.  Chess club meets after school in the library.

Elementary Spanish Program - Spanish is a fee-based activity offered to all students in grades K-5 after school. 

Yoga - Yoga is a fee-based activity offered to students in grades K-2 after school.

Hip Hop Class - The Hip Hop Class is a fee-based activity offered by the YMCA after school for students in grades 2-5.  

Math Olympiads - Math Olympiads is a fee-based activity offered after school for students in grades 4-5.



Hot breakfast and lunch is available each full day of school.  Breakfast is served at 7:50 a.m.  See the lunch schedule on the Lunch Menu page of the website for your child's lunch time.  The cost for each meal, including milk for students and without beverage for adults, will be given each year.  Juice, soy milk or side salads may be purchased separately.  You may pay by the week, month or the year.  You may pay be credit card using the BVSD Pay For It system.  Please make any checks payable to BVSD, noting the student's name and lunch number on the check.

Students bringing their own lunch may purchase milk, soy milk, orange juice or a side salad if they would like.

The monthly lunch menu is located on the Lunch Menu Page of the Flatirons website or on the Boulder Valley School District website under nutrition services.  Please alert the cafeteria staff of any food allergies your child may have.  Every effort will be made to accommodate allergies.





Kindergarten students attend class for half of the school day.  The a.m. class is from 8:15 a.m. to 11:05 a.m.  The p.m. class is from 11:55 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.  If a request is made to the school office during enrollment, all attempts will be made to place the student in the session that is most helpful to the parent's schedule.  There is no mid-day busing of kindergarten students. 


Letting go can be hard, especially for parents.  Don't let your doubts or nervousness dampen your child's enthusiasm for beginning school.  If you have a positive attitude and look forward to the first day of school, your child will probably do the same.

Kindergarten students have assessment appointment times and a staggered start schedule during the first week of school.  Students will attend during an assigned assessment time during assessment days.  During staggered start days, both the morning and afternoon sessions half of each class will attend school the first day, and the other half of each class will attend the second day.  Both halves will join for the first time after the two assessment days.  Parents will be notified of their child's scheduled prior to school starting.


The Boulder Valley School District Community School Program offers a tuition-based Kindergarten Enrichment Program, a half day experience for kindergarten students.  Interested parents may visit the Kindergarten Enrichment website prior to the beginning of school during enrollment where they can learn the monthly cost.  At Flatirons Kindergarten Enrichment is offered five days a week, three days a week (MWF), or two days a week (TTH).  Monthly billing will be sent from the Community School office.

Statement of Purpose - The purpose of the Kindergarten Enrichment Program is to offer a full day experience for children in a high quality developmentally appropriate environment.

Program Description - The program will reflect the philosophy and character of the school community and be consistent with the guidelines of a developmentally appropriate curriculum.  The Kindergarten Enrichment Program will offer the children experiences such as imaginative play, creative dramatics, art and music, motor skill development and opportunities to learn and practice social skills.  The program will include a balance of active and quiet activities as well as structured and unstructured projects.  Coordination between the Kindergarten Enrichment Program and the regular kindergarten will exist and develop.


Kindergarten orientation is held every January.  This is an information night for parents for their incoming kindergartener.



Flatirons students and staff:

  1. Take responsibility for their own actions, i.e. respecting authority, being honest, putting things away, etc.
  2. Work and play in a safe and cooperative way, i.e. observing all school rules, sharing, helping each other, etc.
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship, i.e. playing fairly, encouraging others, etc.
  4. Respect people and our environment, i.e. being courteous, using proper language, refraining from vandalism, etc.


Students at Flatirons are expected to display appropriate behavior in all locations at all times.  Being responsible for one's behavior, being able to make appropriate choices and becoming independent learners are goals for all of us.  Teachers and parents must assume the responsibility for teaching behaviors and skills which will support these goals.  With this philosophy in mind, we have adopted a discipline policy which will assist children in becoming responsible learners.

Our discipline system is based on the four simple statements in the Honor Code.  Students are expected to know these statements and adjust their behavior to comply with them.

Classroom teachers, in concert with their students, will generate their own list of behavior expectations.

As with all of us, sometimes a student will make a mistake in his or her choice of behavior.  In this case we expect the student to be able to develop a plan for improving the behavior.  In most cases this plan is related verbally to the intervening adult.  If the behavior warrants more intensive intervention or the behavior has become chronic, we will complete a Discipline form that will be sent home to make the parents aware of the situation and to become aware of the efforts the student will be making to modify his or her behavior.  If the inappropriate behavior continues we will ask the student, the parents, the classroom teacher and, if appropriate, the principal, to meet to develop a plan that will result in improved behavior.

Occasionally, a student may be suspended or expelled from school for more serious behavior infractions.  One area that our students have inadvertently had problems with is carrying "lethal" weapons to school.  This occasionally happens with items brought from home for show and tell.  Please contact the school office ahead of time to discuss arrangements for any item that you may have questions about that could fall into this category.

Behavior interventions are based on a system of natural and logical consequences, not punishment.  At all times the student is involved in the discussions regarding the behavior improvement plan and consequences for his or her inappropriate behavior.  We have different levels of expectations for all students based on their developmental level and their ability to understand and comply with the expectations.

In intervening with students we expect the adults to follow our basic principles of management.

At Flatirons we believe:

  1. That the student's self concept is always a prime consideration.
  2. The student is always left with a feeling that she/he has some control.
  3. An equal balance of consequences and empathy replace punishment.
  4. The student is required to do more thinking than the adult.
  5. The student has the responsibility to understand and follow the Flatirons Honor Code.


The Flatirons staff believes that foundations for healthy social-emotional learning include trust, respect, personal responsibility, a sense of belonging, acceptance and caring commitment.  We use the Second Step curriculum which proactively teaches critical social and emotional skills to children.  The curriculum goals promote social-emotional competence and reduce disruptive behavior.  The ability to transfer learning to real-life situations is a major goal of the Second Step program.



Flatirons Elementary strives to be a bias-free environment.  Diverse family systems, races, cultures, religions, ages, genders, ability levels, etc. are valued.  All children are expected to participate in all classroom activities with modifications made based on the personal needs of the student, their goals, and assignments.  We strive to foster an inclusive environment where a sense of belonging to the classroom, school and neighborhood community is provided to each student.



Mission Statement - The mission of the Special Education Division is to provide a continuum of quality services for students with handicaps that acknowledges and values individual differences and fosters individual achievement. 

Philosophy - The Special Education Division believes that all students with special needs can and will learn to the best of their abilities.  We are committed to providing a positive educational experience that promotes student achievement and advancement.  We recognize that each student has individual skills, interests, talents and educational needs, and we believe that we have substantial influence over individual student learning and success.   For these reasons, the emphasis is on providing for specialized individual strengths, rather than limitations.  Our focus is on desired student learning outcomes based on positive expectations for each student.  In this way, we support each student in achieving his or her own potential and unique success.

The special education process is viewed as a collaborative effort involving families, general education staff, para-professionals, educationally related service providers, other community agencies, and professionals.  We believe that, working together, we all contribute to student success and the achievement of individual goals and objectives.

Special education shares with general education the responsibility and goal of educating all students, including those with handicapping conditions.  For this reason special education is viewed as an extension of the general education program rather than a separate program.  Students with handicaps may require certain modifications and adjustments of curricula, materials, and instructional techniques within the inclusive environment, providing a continuum of support. 




The Talented and Gifted program at Flatirons Elementary with the help of parents and members of the extended community offers many enrichment opportunities to all students.  These may include activities such as Math Club, National Geography Bee, Spelling Bee and Chess Club.  In addition, our Flatirons Talented and Gifted Education Advisor (TEA), works with students in small groups created with input from classroom teachers.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer please contact our TEA.

What Is TAG? - TAG stands for Talented and Gifted.  TAG is identification within BVSD designed to meet the advanced academic needs of students in grades K-12.

Who Nominates A Child For TAG Assessment? - A child can be nominated for TAG assessment by any teacher, parent or student as well as our TAG Education Advisor.

How Is A Child Identified? - We use several bodies of evidence in the identification process.  Tests are given in the areas of spatial relations, language arts and math.  Parents, teachers and specialists are asked to fill out student inventories.  BVSD allows up to ten weeks for the assessment process.  Our TAG Committee meets to review all information and a decision is made.

How Do You Meet Needs Of All The TAG Students With Just One TEA? - The needs of the majority of TAG students at Flatirons are met in the classroom.  While we have just one TEA, we have twelve classroom teachers who are masters at differentiating instruction to meet the need of TAG students within the classroom.  Classroom teachers consult regularly with our TEA.  Your child may be involved in a group with the TEA.



School begins promptly at 8:15 a.m.  Supervision for students begins at 8:00 a.m.  We advise parents to not have their children arrive prior to the time when supervision is provided unless previous arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher and/or school office.  Choir students may arrive at their designated time, and students in the Before School YMCA program may arrived at their arranged times.  We monitor student absences and tardies and notify parents of concerns at the end of each trimester.  We are striving to have students in attendance and on time except when they must stay home due to illness or family planned absences.

Upon arrival at school, students should play on the playground or line up for their classes outside the door nearest their classroom.  Children will not be permitted to enter the building before the entrance bell signal except to have breakfast or by special permission of the teacher.

During severe weather, when school is in session, there will be a pink indoor recess sign posted on the front doors, and children will be admitted to the cafeteria upon arrival.

School ends at 2:50 p.m.  At that time, students are to get directly to their bus, walk or ride home, go to their after school activity, or go directly to the YMCA after school program.  Students who would like to play on the playground after school are to go home, check in with their care provider and then return to the playground.

A.M. Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment students are to arrive with the rest of the students.  Kindergarten Enrichment students will leave their program for lunch in the cafeteria, and then go outside for supervised recess until the start of P.M. Kindergarten.

P.M. Kindergarten students not in Kindergarten Enrichment are to arrive not more than fifteen minutes before the start of the P.M. Kindergarten program.  They will leave at 2:50 p.m. with the rest of the students.



Students are expected to be in school when it is in session unless they are ill, a family emergency prevents attendance, or a religious holiday is being observed.

Students are expected to be at school on time.  Students should not arrive before supervision begins on the playground (8:00 a.m.).


Your child's safety is of extreme importance to us.  We carefully monitor student absences in our office.  We expect all students able to attend school to not only be present, but to be on time.  Regular attendance is crucial to student success in school.  We take attendance every morning and after lunch each day.  If a student will not be in school, we ask that the parent contact the school office by 8:15 a.m.  To do this, call the school office at (720) 561-4600 or the attendance line at (720) 561-4602.


When a student is late in arriving at school he/she needs to sign in on the Late Check-In Sheet at the office.


When a child needs to be dismissed early for personal reasons, please send a note to the teacher and to the office, including the date, time, reason for early dismissal and the name of the person picking up the student.  Please report to directly to the office upon arrival to sign your child out.  You may then pick your child up from his/her classroom.  The child will not be allowed to wait outside for early dismissal.


When a child has parent's permission to go to another person's home after school, please send a dated not, including the name of the person.  If the child is riding the bus, the dated note must include the name of the person and that the bus will be taken.  A pink bus note will be given to the student by someone in the school office in order for the child to be permitted to ride the bus.  Also, play plans must be made and confirmed before the child arrives at school.  Telephone calls to arrange play dates will NOT be permitted.


Telephone use by students is permitted only under certain conditions.  Students may use a school phone, with a school personnel's permission, in case of an emergency or to clarify parental directions as to where to go after school.  School phones are NOT be used to arrange after school play dates.



Flatirons Health Room is staffed four hours a day by a para-educator.  If the health room para is unavailable, the office staff assists the child.

When a child is not feeling well at school the health room staff will determine the extent of illness or injury and decide if the parent should be called.  Except in cases involving emergency medical procedures, the primary responsibility for transporting injured or ill students will be with the student's parents or those individuals listed on the Student Emergency Information Sheet.  When a parent is called to pick up a child due to illness, it is expected that this will be done as soon as possible.  We will expect students to go home if they are unable to return to the classroom, have a fever, or have an injury or illness requiring parent/doctor intervention.  All communicable diseases should be reported to the school as soon as diagnosed.


Medications are sometimes necessary for students during the school day.  State law requires:  NO medication, prescription or non-prescription, shall be administered by any school personnel, including the nurse, except on written authorization of a physician and parent.  Also:  NO medication, prescription or non-prescription may be carried by a student to take on his/her own, i.e., in a lunch box or pocket, unless special arrangements have been made with the physician, school nurse consultant, parent and the student.  Contact your health room para regarding the district policy on "inhalers" and "Epi Pens".

It is the parents' responsibility to obtain the "Parent's Request for Giving Medicine at School, Release Agreement and Physician's Signed Order" form from the school's health room or from the Medications in School page of the Flatirons website.  All medication must be in a pharmacy labeled bottle that matches the physician's order, or in the original container for over the counter medications.  A new order from the physician and parent is required for each school year, and for any medication dosage change (up or down), as well as a "stop" decision.

Whenever possible, parents are encouraged to have the child's medication given at times other than school hours.  Parents can always come to school and administer medication to their child.


BVSD Board Policy strongly recommends that all students entering kindergarten, 4th, 7th and 10th grade, and all those new to the district receive a physical examination.  Your physician has a form for the examination in his/her office.  Please return the form on the first day of school or as soon as possible.  Parents will also have to fill out a current health questionnaire.  For any student with a significant health condition parents are requested to submit an update each school year.


ALL students entering BVSD school must show proof of immunizations upon enrolling.  The required forms are available at area doctor's offices, the Boulder County Health Department or at the school.


Screening is done annually for students grades K, 1, 2, 3 & 5 under the supervision of the school nurse.  They are performed in September.  New students and special referrals are screened throughout the year.  Parents may request these services by calling the school.


It is extremely important that the Emergency Contact Forms be returned to school on the first day of school each year.  Please complete the entire form, including the Significant Health Section on the bottom of the form.  It is mandatory that we have two emergency contacts listed.  Be sure to notify the office with any changes in emergency information and phone numbers:  home, cell and work.  If your child is ill, he or she may only be released to those listed on the Emergency Contact Form.  If you will be out of town, please inform us in writing who will be caring for your child.



Children are expected to dress appropriately for school.  Please be aware of our changeable weather and prepare children accordingly.  Recess is cancelled only when the wind is strong enough to lift the dust, the chill factor makes it unbearable to be outside, or it is raining.  We recognize and take care of the very few exceptions to this rule, but do not feel comfortable when we are told a child cannot go out because "he/she is sick".  Children who cannot participate in all phases of the school program should be kept at home until the illness has passed.  Students are to take all articles needed during recess time with them when they are dismissed.  They are not permitted to come back into the building during recess unless they have permission.



Join A School Committee - The Parent Teacher Organization or the School Improvement Team  

Help In The Classroom - Tutoring, Field Trips, Computers, Reading/Writing Workshop, Math Assistance, Science, Homeroom Parent, Parties

Help In The School - Library Assistant, Health Room, Fundraising, School Store, Art, Music Performances, Physical Education, Track and Field Day, Grounds Beautification

Help At Home - Return Friday Folders, Assist Students with Homework, Communicate with Teachers, Return Library Books, Read School and Classroom Newsletters, Check Website for Important Events and Information

Help In The Office/Workroom - Welcome Committee, Bulletin Boards, Copying, Class Projects, Recycling, Sharpening Pencils, Putting Supplies Away

Be sure to complete your volunteer agreement form and background screening at the beginning of every school year.



Before field trips, either walking or transported, a permission slip will be sent home with each student.  This slip must be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher prior to the outing.  Students without signed permission will not be allowed to participate in the trip.  Parent volunteers are usually needed to accompany students on these excursions.



The Flatirons Media Center provides resources for the students, teaching staff, parents, and volunteers at Flatirons Elementary School.  We maintain an open library in which anyone is welcome to use our resources during the school day, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  We offer various types of instructional technology including:  an automated library circulation and catalog system, CD-ROMs and access to the Internet.  Students are responsible for books they check out and may keep them for as long as needed.  Books are to be returned as soon as they are read.  Books not returned or renewed after three months will be considered "lost" and are to be paid for by the student.

Our Media Center is a busy place in which volunteers play an important role.  Volunteers assist students with keyword searching, locating materials, answering reference questions, as well as working with circulation, materials processing, and collection maintenance.  During the course of a school year, volunteers are recruited to assist with one time only events such as the annual book fair, the annual paperback book exchange, and other special events such as author visits, and Children's Book Week or National Library Week activities.



In the spring, teachers of the present grade level place students for the next year.  Students and parents are able to view final class lists the week before school starts.  The final class lists are posted at the front entrance of the school.



The lost and found box is located on the stage.  Lost and found items will be displayed in the front hall several times during the school year:  during parent/teacher conferences, prior to spring break and during the last week of school.  All unclaimed items will be donated to a charity at the end of each walk-through.  Please label all articles that your child brings to school.



School supply packets will be available to purchase from the PTO at the beginning of each school year at the school store for parents who wish to save time shopping.  School supply lists will be posted on the Flatirons website.



Students are welcome and encouraged to ride their bikes to school.  Bike racks are available along the North wall of the school for locking bicycles.  The decision to permit a student to use a bicycle and the compliance with basic safety rules relating to bike use are the responsibilities of the student and his/her parents.  The school strongly suggests that parents review general safety procedures as well as safe routes to and from school with the bike rider.  The school does not undertake any responsibility for the safety of students when they are not on school grounds, nor the responsibility to prevent any student from riding a bike to or from school.  The school district cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles. 


Students are welcome and encouraged to walk to school.  Please encourage your child to develop proper safety habits.  They should:  begin the journey to school early enough to arrive on time without rushing; walk on the sidewalk, or if there is no sidewalk, on the left side facing oncoming traffic; cross only at intersections and school crosswalks, refuse to enter or approach strange automobiles, and proceed directly to school or home before beginning to play.



Please leave your dog behind if you are walking your child to school.  Family pets behave very nicely at home, but may be overwhelmed by the number of kids at school if they are brought.  This has led to some behaviors by dogs that do not occur at home and provide an unsafe situation for students who do not know the dog.  We also must ask that dogs stay out of school unless they are being brought for a special purpose.



The bus schedules are available the last working day for the office staff prior to the first day of school in the fall.  This schedule is posted outside the main entrance of the school.  During the school year, the schedule may be obtained from the transportation department at (720) 561-5120.

Many of our children ride a bus each day or will have an opportunity to ride the bus some time during the school year.  The following basic rules and suggestions are designed to help provide the safest means of transportation.

During bad weather when school is in session, children will be admitted to the building upon arrival.  A pink sign will be posted in the front window if it is an indoor recess day.

Before The Bus Arrives - Children are expected to display appropriate behavior at their respective bus stops, waiting patiently and quietly at all times.

  1. Leave home on time each day.
  2. Walk facing traffic if there are no sidewalks.
  3. Arrive at the pick-up spot five minutes before the bus.
  4. Wait off the roadway, not in the street, staying off lawns.  

Boarding The Bus - Children are expected to display appropriate behavior.

  1. Wait for the bus to come to a full stop.
  2. Be polite and take your turn getting on without pushing
  3. Use the handrail.  

Conduct On The Bus - Children are expected to display appropriate behavior.

  1. Walk to assigned seat and stay there.  Do not stand or move around while the bus is moving.
  2. Follow directions of the driver.  Do not talk to the driver unless it is an emergency.
  3. Talk quietly so that the driver can hear traffic sounds.  Refrain from loud yelling or profane language.
  4. Keep arms, feet and articles out of the aisles.
  5. Keep arms and head inside the bus, leaving the windows in the position they were in when you boarded the bus.
  6. Do not deface or litter the bus.
  7. Do not touch any safety device.  

    Leaving The Bus - Children are expected to display appropriate behavior.

    1. Do not stand up and leave your seat until the bus is fully stopped.
    2. Take your turn, don't push those in front.
    3. Use the handrail and watch your step.
    4. Be aware of traffic when leaving the bus. 


    The daily activities at school require a tremendous effort from elementary school children.  Flatirons Elementary emphasizes individual thoughtfulness, cooperation and problem solving in all skill areas within the classroom.  This demands that students are rested, comfortably engaged, eager and confident, so they can succeed on a daily basis.

    Homework/study time will be given as appropriate to the age and ability level of the student.  All students should read nightly.  It is important that a student feels responsible for his or her own work and parents encourage and support the student by providing an appropriate space and regular schedule for the homework/reading/study time.

    Various types of homework/reading/study time serve to support the students' growth by promoting:  the development of good study habits; opportunities for memorization, drill and practice; academic skill development based on individual needs; reading as a background for classroom activities; interaction between students and other people in their home, neighborhood or community; and the opportunity to complete unfinished class work.

    If a child seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time on homework, or if it is a large source of frustration for the family, parents are encouraged to contact the classroom teacher for assistance or modifications.  For example, if you are having trouble helping your child with homework tasks or the assignment seems unclear, please write your concerns on the homework assignment or contact your child's teacher.

    The individual teacher will assign projects according to the following guidelines.  A general rule of thumb is for students in first grade to spend ten minutes each night on their studies.  They should increase this time each year by about ten minutes.

    Primary Grades (K-2) - Time for play and unstructured free time are essential to children's physical and cognitive development.  Children also need time for outside-of-school learning experiences.  At this level, children should read nightly, and homework from time to time is appropriate to serve the purpose of introducing and reinforcing habits that support life-long learning.  Parent's reading aloud to children is a significant contributor to the child's success in school.

    Intermediate Grades (3-4) - The intermediate teachers develop their homework program based on the above statements.  An increased amount of reading is expected.  Homework is sent home weekly and the time spent on daily homework will vary with the individual teacher and student. 

    Fifth Grade - Students are expected to read every night, independently and/or with a parent or other family member.  Other homework is assigned according to curricular needs.  There is an emphasis over the year on developing student's abilities to do long-term and research oriented assignments.  We help the students learn to budget their time and break large assignments into smaller segments.



    Under all but the most extreme conditions, school officials have a responsibility to keep school in session.  When the weather is bad, but school is open, parents must make a family decision regarding attendance or late arrival for their children.  Please call the school office to tell them your child will be late or absent.

    Whenever it is necessary to close the schools, the District contacts some of the TV channels and radio stations.  You can check the BVSD website each year to find out which channels and radio stations carry the information.  Information is also available on the BVSD website page at www.bvsd.org.  Click on CANCELLATIONS!  There is also a link to the webpage from the Flatirons Elementary website on the Snow Closure page.

    Notification is given prior to 6:30 a.m. or as soon as the decision is made to close during the day.



    Please review a safe route to school with your children so they are aware of stop signs, of corners where they need to take extreme care as they cross, the use of crosswalks, and, for those who cross at 9th Street, the appropriate use of the pedestrian light at 9th and College.

    Students are to dismount their bikes, scooters or skateboards when they are on school grounds.  They are also to take off their roller blades upon entering the school grounds.


    Please do everything you can to make these times of day safe ones for all our children.

    You may park in several areas when picking up or dropping off your student:  our children.

    1. South of the bus lane on the east side of 7th and on the north side of college.  This is the preferred area because the children do not have to cross the street to get to your car.
    2. On the west side of 7th, north and south of Pennsylvania, except for near the crosswalk.  The forbidden area is marked, and is chosen so that vehicles neither are in the crosswalk, nor are blocking lines of sight up and down 7th.  If you use the permitted areas to drop off or pick up your child(ren), please escort them across the street, using the crosswalk by the school or the one at College.  Do not let them cross alone.  The west side of 7th is also to be used by parents and staff who will be staying in the school for an extended time.
    3. On either side of Pennsylvania, except within 15 feet of the fire hydrant; then have your child(ren) cross at the crosswalk to reach your car.




    We have a handicapped parking area just in front of the school on the east side of 7th, south of the faculty parking lot.  We also have a designated area in the parking lot.