School Supplies 2014-2015:
In response to parents' frustration with running around to several different stores to  try to find school supplies in August, the school began buying the items your children need (pencils, markers, folders, scissors, rulers, etc.) and will have them here for the first day of school.  By buying in bulk we receive discounts that save money, and therefore we are able to pass the discount along to families.  We will continue the Reuse and Recycle Program that will allow us to reuse some items for the following year, which helps the environment as well as the costs.  We will no longer be sending school supplies home at the end of the school year unless you call the office to request that your child's supplies be sent home.  Please see costs and additional information below.
If you would like to pre-order your school supplies for Fall 2014 please complete the 2014-2015 School Supplies Order Form and send it to the Flatirons office with:
Option 1) a check made out to Flatirons PTO with your child's name and next year's grade on the bottom of the check

Option 2)
a printed receipt from PayPal when you use the PayPal School Supplies button below (please note names and grades in PayPal for whom you are paying for and note any additional donation you are making)

Donations are appreciated for Families in Need!
  • Kindergarten - $43.00
  • 1st Grade - $49.00
  • 2nd Grade - $51.00
  • 3rd Grade - $44.00
  • 4th Grade - 38.00 ($5 Planner included in cost)
  • 5th Grade - $56.00 ($5 Planner included in cost)
Children enjoy picking out at least one item that is personalized to their tastes.  Your child will be able to pick out a colored plastic pocket folder that will be used as their Friday Folder at Registration Day on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.
You will also be able to pay for school supplies at August Registration on Tuesday, August 19, 2014!  See the August Registration Page!