What is PBS? 

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a program supported by the Colorado Department of Education and the Boulder Valley School district to promote and maximize academic achievement and great behavior in schools.

At Flatirons as part of our continuing efforts to develop consistent expectations for behavior and foster a positive climate, we began implementing PBS this fall.  PBS is a framework applied school-wide to create safe and effective learning environments for all students.  It is based on the character traits we have been teaching students the last XX years.  We have identified four important values: 

Safety, Responsibility, Achievement and Respect.

As part of the PBS program we have established several clear rules for the behavior we expect in different areas of our school.  We have been teaching these expectations during the year and are rewarding students with “Falcon feathers” frequently for great behavior.  The expectations are clear and posted in the halls, bathrooms, gym, lunchroom and playground.   

The PBS Matrix on the back outlines expectations for each of these values in different areas at school.  Flatirons’ positive recognition plan includes verbal praise, awarding of feathers to be used in drawings, Friday announcements, and our Falcon display on the wall in the front hall in acknowledgement of role-model behavior.

We launched PBS by teaching all the classes through skits and building tours about our new rules and expectations during Music and PE classes the first two weeks of school.  Staff members will continue to provide instruction of the matrix throughout the year.  Please spend some time discussing the matrix at home so your child or children will be able to  

“S O A R”!   

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