March 6, 2015:
Dear Flatirons’ Families:
Flatirons has been a busy place the last few weeks.  Let me share some the exciting things that are happening.
Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Conferences are going on right now.  This is a very important time to come together and talk about the progress of each student and the plan for the last trimester of the year.  Please make the time to meet with your child’s teacher.
Kindergarten Enrichment: The kindergarten enrichment class is starting a unit where they are writing and illustrating their own books.  Students will choose their own topic and work through the publishing process from start to finish.
Kindergarten:  The kindergarteners just finished up their research on African animals and turned their room into Africa with all the different regions represented.  The kids did research on a particular animal and had the chance to share their learning with other classes in the school and parents.
First Grade:  The first grade classes have “traveled” to Japan and are comparing their lives with those of their Japanese counterparts.  They are looking at food, clothing, shelter and celebrations.  Their unit will culminate with each class doing a Japanese inspired play the evening of March 17th in the gym.
Second Grade:  The second graders are learning about China.  Each class created an alphabet book with each student choosing a letter and something from China that represents that letter.  This project was done with the iPad minis that were provided by the PTO.  The projects are on display outside their classrooms.  You can access the QR code for each letter and hear the students’ reports.
Third Grade:  Both third grade classes are working on their Colorado Animal Research Projects.  These projects are a team-teaching effort that includes working with Katie Darin, our Media Specialist on the key components of a research project.  The students will write a research paper, present their information to the class and create a diorama for their animal.
Fourth Grade:  The fourth graders just finished up two big units.  They have learned about Colorado history through completing their Colorado Historical Fiction Projects. The students also just finished their unit on the Solar System.
Fifth Grade:  The fifth grade classes are hard at work on their persuasive essays.  The topics range from changing some of the playground rules to questioning why animals are kept in zoos.  They are also starting a new simulation on Colonization.  Each student will take on the identity of a colonist on the way to a new land.
Please take the time to talk with your child about what they are learning in school and come in and take a look around.  There is a lot of learning going on!
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