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                Lachlan Kistner - May 21, 2014


March 14, 2014:
This is a bitter-sweet time of the year for me.  We are coming to the end of quite a year for our school.  Our community has had to deal with adversity and change, but still, as I reflect on the year, it has been a good year for our kids.  This would not have been possible without the strong partnership between staff, students and families.  As this year comes to an end, I want to acknowledge three teachers who will be retiring at the end of this year.  Colleen Bunbury, our preschool teacher, Barbara Aronson, first grade and Vicki Greenwood, third grade.
Colleen Bunbury:  Colleen has been teaching kids for 19 years, the last 17 she has been a preschool teacher.  She came to Flatirons four years ago from University Hill Preschool and started the Flatirons Preschool Program.  She has transformed an empty room into a wonderful space for our littlest children. 
Barbara Aronson:  Barb has been teaching kids for 31 years, and the last 17 have been at Flatirons.  If you have been at Flatirons for a while, one of your kids probably had Ms. Aronson in first grade.  Barb’s graceful way with kids and parents will be missed.
Vicki Greenwood:  Vicki has been teaching kids for 31 years, and the last 9 have been at Flatirons.  Ms. Greenwood started in kindergarten here, and recently moved to third grade.  I have known Ms. Greenwood for over twenty years and her child-centered approach has never wavered.
Changes for 2014-15
Kindergarten:  We will be welcoming Ines Rutkovskis as our new kindergarten teacher.  Ines has spent the last ten years working up at Jamestown Elementary as a multiage teacher.  She spent a day this week in the kindergarten classroom working with Becky Spear and meeting kids.  Ines is excited about her move to a “big” school and is looking forward to working with our kindergarteners and their families.
First Grade:  There is an opening posted for the 1st grade position, and we will be hiring before the end of the school year.  We are excited about bringing in another great first grade teacher and will be asking for a parent who will have a first grader next year to join our hiring team.
Third Grade:  Becky Spear, who has been teaching kindergarten at Flatirons for the last four years will be moving to 3rd grade.  Ms. Spear will be joining Stephanie Crawford and they will make a great team.  They have been planning for this move the last few months and are excited to get started.

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 May 16, 2013 - Mr. Boesel, Annika and Ella Principal for a Day! May 22, 2013 - Mr. Boesel and Imogen

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