April 3, 2015:
Dear Flatirons’ Families:
WOW what a night!!  Last night we held our annual Talent Show and it was quite an event.  As I walked out of the building into the snow late yesterday evening I was thinking about what a unique event this is.  Before our new gym was built during the last bond, we had to host the event at Boulder High because it had grown so large.  We have a LOT of talent and it starts at an early age!  We had almost 50 acts and over 70 students participated and every grade level was represented during the two and a half hour show.  There was dancing, devil sticks, solos and small groups singing pop and Broadway tunes, break dancing , piano, poetry  and strings to Metallica and a drum solo of “My Generation” by The Who.  What a night!
A show like this could not happen without a lot of work behind the scenes and also during the show.  On the program there were 17 parents listed and I know there were more that pitched in.  Rhonda Wallen was the Master of Ceremonies and did a great job.  Melanie Tysdal-Rebman and Jacquie McKenna coordinated the event again and Ted Guggenheim handled sound one more time.  For Jacquie and Ted, who have been involved for many years, this was their last hurrah, since their kids will be moving on to middle school – a big thanks to them.  For everyone that performed, helped back stage, or sat and watched, thanks for helping to make this a great event.
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