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 Curriculum Overview


First Grade Reading Targets

  • Reads critically, fluently, and with expression.
  • Reads fiction and non-fiction.
  • Reads for research, pleasure and knowledge of literature.
  • Makes predictions and makes a personal connection to the story.
  • Communicates understanding gained from reading. (Comprehension)
  • Uses a variety of word attack strategies to read words. (Phonics)
  • Responds to reading by identifying character, setting, and events.
  • Build stamina for 20-30 minutes of independent reading.

Writing Targets

  • Makes a plan for writing. Shares and publishes work.
  • Writes to explain or give basic information about familiar topics
  • Uses letter-sound knowledge and segmentation strategies to spell unfamiliar words.
  • Spells grade level “no excuse” words.
  • Prints legibly using correct spacing, capital letters and punctuation.
  • Proofreads, revises and edits for grade level grammar.
  • Builds stamina for 20-30 minutes of independent writing.

Math Targets

  • Understands and uses numbers 1-120 with fluidity, forward and backward counting.
  • Skips counts by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
  • Develop and use a variety of strategies to solve basic addition and subtraction problems.
  • Identifies, describes, represents and compares geometric shapes.
  • Uses standard and non-standard units to measure.
  • Identifies coins and combinations of coins.
  • Tells time to the hour and half hour,
  • Uses the language of math to express ideas and problem solve.
  • Collect, describe and interpret data. (Probability)
  • Uses place value and materials to add within 100.

   Anna DiCorleto, Jeanne Naber, Erin Eissinger, Jan Smith and Mimi Soell