4th Grade Links

Fourth Grade Resources


CSAP online practice for reading

The Giver


Citation Machine

Usborne Quicklinks

Mixed-Up Files

American History

Betsy Ross

Text of the Declaration of Independence

Interactive Revolutionary War Role Playing Game

Paul Revere's house

Revolutionary era music

Thomas Paine

Early America

Notable Women of the Revolutionary Period

Maps of Early America

Portraits of Famous Early Americans

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin's "Join, or Die" flag

Old North Bridge and Minute Man Statue

"The World Turned Upside Down"

Virtual Tour of the United States Capitol

White House Virtual Tour

Quaker Oats Ad [image]

Great Seal of the United States

Burning of Capitol Seen as Divine Judgement for Slavery [image]

General Research Sites (Some require higher level reading)

Kid Info
Women and the American Revolution
Heroes of the Revolution

Circulatory System

The Human Heart

Heart transplant procedure

The Virtual Body

Geologic Time

Getting Into the Fossil Record
Starts with an animation of how a dinosaur becomes a fossil. Continue into the site to learn more about fossils.

Geologic Time
Puts the long history of the earth into perspective. Very readable.

Geologic Timeline 
Simple site with pictures of fossils from the various geologic periods.

Geologic Time Machine 
Tons of information, with links to each of the geologic periods (more advanced reading).

Geologic Time Scale 
Fun site. Scroll down for an animation showing continental drift. Continue down for easy to read summaries of each geologic period. Each summary contains a link to even more information (more advanced readings).

Geologic Time Line 
Click on each period on the simple chart for an overview of plants and animals that lived during that time.

Geologic Time Scale 
Tells what each of the names actually means. For example, the Holocene Epoch (8,000 years ago - Present) is an epoch of the Quaternary period. It is named after the Greek words "holos" (entire) and "ceno" (new).

Mountains of the World 
Different Types of Mountains (scroll down)

Explore Mountains

Geologic Time 
Very "kid friendly" and easy to read. Has links to all of the geologic periods.

American Museum of Natural History 
Fun, kid-oriented web site, all about paleontology.

China and the Great Wall

Great Wall of China 
Basic straightforward information on the Great Wall with links to other China facts—maps, flags, history, first emperor, etc.

Great Wall Pictures 
Click on the link half-way down the page to see six pictures of the Great Wall.

A list of paths to a variety of China topics from sources such as the Library of Congress and The World Factbook.

Condensed China 
Condensed Chinese History for Beginners.

Great Wall of China - NASA 
Nasa satellite images and data.