New BVSD Volunteer Procedures

Boulder Valley School District has begun  new background checks for all individuals wishing to volunteer in our schools. 

If you are an occasional (once or twice a year) volunteer, you will need to read the Volunteer Letter and fill out the Volunteer Form.

If you volunteer on a regular basis, you will also need to read the Volunteer Letter and then need to visit www.tclogiq.com/bvsdv to complete the back ground check form.  There is a $16.00 fee that is paid at the end of submission.   

Please be aware that the background clearance is valid from AUGUST 1, 2011 to AUGUST 1, 2012, so you will want to complete the check after August 1 to be in compliance for the 2011-2012 school year.  It takes approximately 48-72 hours for background checks to clear through the system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Registrar, Lisa Gefke, at lisa.gefke@bvsd.org.  She will be happy to help you with this process.





One of High Peaks strengths is the support and involvement of our families. High Peaks relies on volunteers at every grade level- both in the classroom and school-wide. Volunteers play a very important role at High Peaks- supporting the teachers, staff, and the High Peaks community, while ultimately enriching the learning environment for our children. Whether you can volunteer in the classroom, at the school, or from home, your support is greatly needed and appreciated. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinatorand we'll be happy to answer questions and find you a position which fits your schedule!

Classroom volunteers are handled by the individual teachers.

  High Peaks Volunteer Opportunities

Here is a description of High Peaks committees and ways that you can volunteer:

Challenge Committee - plans and develops extracurricular programs that enrice the Core Knowledge curriculum. This includes the following activites:
» Chess Club/Chess League - learn more about chess and play matches
» Lego League - teams build Lego projects for local competition
» Science Fair - participate in the school-wide science fair
» Math Olympiads - develop math skills, participate in contests
» Geography Bee - participate in a Geography knowledge contest
» Spelling Bee - participate in a spelling knowledge contest
» High Peaks Tales & Poetry - school publication with student work
» Stock Market Game - learn about the stock market
» Destination Imagination - competitive problem solving team
» Enrichment Assemblies - three assemblies each year planned by Challenge to enrich the core curriculum
» Evening Speaker Program - invited speakers address parent concerns or interests
Please contact Teresa Gulock-Mundy for more information on our Challenge activities.

Curriculum Committee - evaluates and provides input regarding the curriculum and educational resources used at High Peaks.

Fundraising Committee - oversees all fundraising activities.

Publications/Publicity - responsible for overseeing all High Peaks related publications including Picture Day and the school yearbook.

Open Enrollment - responsible for coordinating all events related to open enrollment.

Spirit Committee - develops and implements programs and activities to foster a sense of community at High Peaks and coordinates volunteer efforts to support school activities.

Literacy and Library support - supports our literacy and library staff and helps coordinate related activities.

Classroom support - support our teachers and children with various classroom activities. These are organized individually by the teachers.

District Accountability Committee (DAC) - the DAC rep meets with the district committee monthly to advise the Board of Education on the adequacy and efficiency of the educational programs offered by the district.