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Helping Hearts Program
Our 2011-12 Climate goal focuses on questions of the BVSD Student Climate Survey related to the concept of fairness (i.e., Question #38 -Other students at this school treat me fairly.) The data showed us that we are not getting kids to look beyond the external shell of each other as much as we could. As a staff we want to teach students to look inside each other to learn who that person truly is, and what their strengths are and to understand that they have the same needs and feelings as everybody else. In doing so we need to include their culture, language, their differences, and the misconceptions they have of each other. By focusing on all students inner strengths, backgrounds, and cultures, students will experience being valued, enabling them to enrich our community of learners.

This year we are focusing more on children understanding how verbal statements can harm another’s sense of self, which will result in students having a greater awareness of the impact that words have on our own and others feelings and needs. Therefore, our school as well as our PK-5th grade Caring Community meetings will be focusing on the role of the bystander and what each student can do when they see someone being teased. In the spirit of supporting this effort we are introducing the Helping Hearts program, which is part of our “One World, One School, One Heart,” initiative that was started at the beginning of the year. It is on display in our cafeteria.
Helping Hearts - 2011-12 PBS Goal - Helping Hearts
"One World, One School, One Heart" Guidelines for Helping Hearts
Timeline - 2/1-3/23&4/4-5/18
Earn a heart by standing up, helping to make the world a better place!
Who? - All staff, Helping Hearts jars in each classroom
Helping Hearts connects to the “A” (Appreciating others) in our PBS (Positive Behavior Support) Matrix:


​LES Panther Paws ​Classrooms ​Cafeteria Playground​ ​Bathrooms Library​ ​Computer Lab ​Hallways ​Assemblies


Appreciate Others

​*Share & take turns

*Treat others the way you would like to be treated

*Be friendly

*Allow anyonme to sit with you

*Say please and thank you

*Stay in one spot​

​*Include everyone

*Be friendly

*Be a good sport

*Privacy (No Peeking)

*Turn off water

*Keep bathrooms clean​

*Share resources

*Help others

*Put materials back where they belong​

*Respect everyone's space

*Keep volume low​

*Silent hellos to other students

*Stay in your place in line​

*Use appropariate applause

*Respect everyone's space

*Be polite​



  • Acknowledge and make transparent students supporting and standing up for other students. Supporting others makes them feel better and we often feel happier ourselves!!!
  • Supporting can look like the supporting student saying, “Next time I will do…” “What I should have done…” “This is what I saw; this is how I might have handled it…”
  • Supporting student gets heart for that classroom from the person who was supported. Supporting student’s name is written on the heart. Heart is placed in the jar.
  • Make sure the support you give to another student is truly heartfelt and genuine.
  • Staff will connect students’ actions to our PBS matrix (Appreciating Others).
  • After each student in the classroom gets a heart the class earns a reward as determined by the teacher and students, i.e., extra recess, something fun in class.
  • Each classroom makes a design of their hearts to be displayed outside of each classroom.

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